Voice picking = working hands and eyes free

When you introduce voice picking in your warehouse and logistics operations you will see many benefits for your workforce. Voice picking helps everyone, from warehouse workers and managers to the wider supply chain team. 

Benefits for the warehouse manager 

Faster processes

Voice picking is quicker than paper-based picking (+/- 10% to 15%) and Radio Frequency (RF) picking (+/- 15% to 25%). It also requires less training time, which speeds up the instruction of temporary workers. Watch this video to see voice picking in action: 

No more errors 

With our pick by voice system you achieve accuracy levels of 99.9% or more . The system tells operators what to do in a natural way, identifies errors in real-time and allows operators to flag queries and receive instant help. Find out how operators can dynamically correct errors on the move: 

“Thanks to Zetes Medea, pick error rates were reduced by 60% and picking performance has improved by 15-20%.”

Reinhard Gräffe, Site Manager, Norma - Read the story

Manage operators more efficiently

Our granular, real-time and historic performance reports provide you with insight on your operator productivity. This enables you to detect bottlenecks, reallocate resources and manage your team more efficiently.

Benefits for the operator 

Voice picking is easy and ergonomic

Warehouse operators communicate through a voice terminal and headset with your WMS system. It allows workers to keep their hands and eyes free to focus on the items to pick, which makes them work more efficiently and reduces the risk of items being dropped. You can see voice picking in action

Increased motivation and satisfaction

When voice picking, operators receive and confirm orders by talking. This means they have both hands free to grab items, which means less slips and spills . In a multimodal approach, users can consult extra information or instructions, which reduces queries and increases confidence. As ergonomics and worker safety increase , your absence ratios and recruitment costs go down. 

Benefits for the supply chain or logistics manager

Reduce throughput time 

As orders are fulfilled faster, you will process more orders but with the same number of operators. You can also offer your customers more order flexibility as you will be capable of managing unplanned orders more easily .  

“Thanks to the voice solution, the same warehouse occupancy now supplies more than double the amount of shops, with up to 20,000 items of clothing being picked daily.”

Monique Courant, IT & Logistics Manager, Cassis - Read the story

Ensure everything is delivered on-time and in full 

With accuracy rates of 99.9% and more, items will be shipped correctly and on-time in line with your Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). This dramatically reduces customer complaints and avoids any costly reshipping.