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Order picking

Quicker and error free order picking

Managing warehouse logistics has become more challenging over recent years with the growing complexity of supply chains and the introduction of omnichannel and e-commerce orders. For your orders to be delivered on-time and in full, you need to have detailed warehouse processes. You can help your workers by providing them with a mobile order picking solution which helps streamline fulfilment.

ZetesMedea allows you to mix and match technology for all order picking methods including batch picking, multi-order picking, wave picking, zone picking and pick by line. Your operators will prepare orders fasters and without errors, so you can meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), deliver on-time and mange unplanned deliveries, even during busy periods.

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Picking accuracy

The benefits of ZetesMedea for order picking

Using ZetesMedea brings the following order picking benefits for your business.

  • Fulfil more orders per day
  • Get temporary workers up to speed quicker
  • Achieve at least 99.9% picking accuracy
  • Eliminate costly returns and penalties for mis-shipments
  • Enable fast or same day shipping
  • Comply with traceability regulations
  • Enjoy scalability and flexibility as your operations demand
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Order picking for your needs

As every order picking process is different, our specialists will advise you on the best technology for your business. We’re the largest partner in EMEA for leading hardware brands such as Honeywell, Zebra and Datalogic. Our flexible approach allows you to control your existing estate so you can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Works alongside existing warehouse software

ZetesMedea will work seamlessly with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management Software (WMS). It adds speed and functionality to your current system and provides real-time data so you know exactly what is happening where and when within your logistics processes.

The right order picking technology

Selecting the best technology for your order picking depends on many criteria including, the type of order, the volume and the warehouse travel time

Let our specialists advise you on the best approach for your business:
RF Picking
  • Orders are confirmed as and when they happen providing real-time communication.
  • As there’s no need to check paper or write notes there are fewer errors.
  • Registration is quick and easy as goods are scanned.
Picking combined with put to light

We mix and match technologies to provide the best order picking performance so you can offer customers more delivery options including individual or grouped orders. Orders will be picked in batches and then sorted using put to light.

Pick to light

This is ideal if you run a high-volume order picking operation where different products are picked from small bins located close by to each other.

Voice Picking

With voice picking, operators use a headset to receive and confirm orders so they can work hand and eyes free.

Picking with automated guided vehicles

ZetesMedea works with automated guided vehicles so your order pickers can benefit from good ergonomics in high volume picking environments.

Vehicle mounted picking

Using ZetesMedea on vehicle mounted terminals is ideal for less intensive picking operations, including pallet picking. You can use the same device for other warehouse processes like goods receipt, put away and replenishment.

Central management of apps and devices

With the MCLTM Mobility Platform, a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, you can build, organise and manage your inbound logistics order picking applications from virtually anywhere, regardless of operating system or mobile device. You can use ZetesMedea either as a cloud-based platform or host on your premises.

Who do we help?

In our first year of using ZetesMedea, productivity increased by 20% and picking costs decreased by 17%.

Enrico Zadra, IT Manager, DAO Group
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Coca-Cola saves 6 minutes per truck during loading
Coca-Cola saves 6 minutes per truck during loading
Dia's worldwide warehouses speak the same language
Dia's worldwide warehouses speak the same language
Productivity doubles thanks to voice picking at Cassis
Productivity doubles thanks to voice picking at Cassis
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Seasonality under control with untrained voice picking systems at Système U