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ZetesMedea ImageID

Achieve zero errors in your logistics with ZetesMedea ImageID

Demanding traceability legislation, inventory shrinkage, waste reduction, and omni-channel distribution operations – all make supply chain control a necessity.

As a leading provider of traceability solutions, Zetes innovative ImageID machine vision technology has been specifically designed to optimise labour intensive, error-prone logistics and manufacturing processes. It enables the tracking and tracing of hundreds of thousands of products and assets a day, with 100% accuracy and unrivalled efficiency.

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What are the benefits with ZetesMedea ImageID?

Eliminate shipping and loading errors, avoid claims & returns

100% verification for zero logistics errors

ZetesMedea ImageID’s sophisticated ability to quickly identify and correlate information from successive frames, enables accurate detection and decoding of assets in motion. This capability means that no tag is left unidentified while duplicate detections are effectively eliminated. Accurate reading of assets in motion is particularly useful in dock door deployments, where loading/unloading, routing & sequencing decisions must be made in mere seconds.

Reduced labour, admin and logistics costs

The automated solution is user friendly and requires no training or manual intervention. In case of an identified error, a real-time alert is presented, along with visual guidance for corrective actions, on a user-friendly touch screen interface. The console also features an I/O interface used to control such external devices as illumination units, barriers, rotating tables and others.

Image bank archive for full traceability

Achieve evidence-based shipping compliance with visual image data bank verification to eradicate costly mis-ship fines. The solution maintains an image bank with archived visual proof of delivery and asset condition, to help resolve any delivery related dispute.

Flexibility of deployment options

ImagedID supports a variety of deployment options, as per specific customer needs, coverage considerations and environmental constraints (available space, background lighting, electric outlet availability and others). Typical deployments involve installation of a single-sided ImageID Gate comprising physical mounting infrastructure, illumination units and a processing unit, as well as one or more capture devices and an optional external activation device.

High performance, high accuracy data capture

Zetes ImageID technology is a machine vision AIDC solution, utilising high resolution capture devices with a large field of view, enabling it to decode any number and type of existing, low-cost visual tags (1D barcodes, Data Matrix and QR Code) with 100% accuracy. It is a high-performance solution capable of instantly capturing hundreds of tags. It reduces labour intensive, time consuming verification processes to a matter of mere seconds, ensuring leaner logistics and optimised labour utilisation.

Our patented image processing software accurately decodes all captured tags regardless of location and orientation comparing the tag information to shipping order data and applies predefined sets of business rules.

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Optimise your logistics processes with ZetesMedea ImageID

A Broad Range of Applications

ZetesMedea ImageID enables custom-tailored applications for a wide variety of industries, including fresh food, automotive, white goods, logistics, horticultural and pharmaceutical industries. A field proven solution, it performs reliably even in the harshest of environments, enabling such diverse tasks as:

Dock Door Control Full Pallet Inventory Goods receiving

Loading Verification

  • 100% vehicle loading accuracy
  • Rapid, efficient verification of pallet loading
  • Reduced labour, admin and logistics costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fast ROI

Are the correct pallets on the right truck?


Shipping Verification

  • Decode unlimited labels in seconds
  • Eliminate shipping errors and disputes
  • Minimal non-compliance penalties and fines
  • Reduced bottle necks in pallet loading
  • Reduced labour overheads and admin

Are the correct items on the pallets, in the correct way?

Zetes Machine Vision


Full Pallet Inventory Counting

  • Rapid, high precision pallet inventory counting
  • Higher frequency, auditable cycle counting
  • Minimal operational disruption
  • Fast ROI
  • Versatile utilization of existing lift truck assets

What inventory do I have in my warehouse?

Zetes Machine Vision

Budvar addresses rising global demand efficiently with ZetesMedea

Brewers of the world famous beer brand – has invested in ZetesMedea loading verification technology in their new state-of-the-art automated warehouse. The solution optimises outbound logistics efficiency using advanced camera-based technology to ensure 100% shipping accuracy.



Full Pallet Inventory

Full Pallet Inventory

The innovative ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory solution enables faster, higher frequency and auditable cycle counting. It delivers a fast ROI with high accuracy rates and real-time access to data & inventory intelligence.

Loading Verification

Loading Verification

Reduce truck turn around times and guarantee correct shipments to your customers. ZetesMedea automated loading verification solution speeds up loading processes and removes shipping errors with 100% accuracy.


Learn more about our Warehouse Solutions

ZetesMedea is a proven and well established warehouse software for large and small companies across EMEA.

Whether you run a manufacturing warehouse, manage a retail stock room or operate a network of distribution centres our warehousing and distribution solutions can help you. Consult our references and discover what we could do to optimise your operations.

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