Deliver on time, in full and at optimal cost

When it comes to improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs throughout your transport and logistics activities, nobody can make a difference like Zetes. Whether you are looking to improve shipment accuracy, handle more shipments, reduce costs or deliver the perfect order, our process and technology expertise will help you get there.

Benefits you will see from our delivery management software

  • Accurate loading, delivery and pick-up
  • Real-time track & trace of goods, vehicles and returnable assets
  • Dynamic management of unplanned pick-up and deliveries
  • Accurate delivery status and ETA’s enabling pro-active customer communication
  • Leveraging of IoT technologies for accurate location and condition monitoring
  • Reduced back office administration overhead
  • Optimised vehicle utilisation and reduced fuel spend

“Using Zetes’ solutions, Nor Lines can very efficiently route goods through the distribution network with real time data on the location of any item at all times, giving a full audit trail. This gives our customers verification that their goods reached the correct destination at the right time.”

Klaus Bjordal, IT Manager, Nor Lines - Read the story


Real-time visibility across your delivery process

Warehouse fulfilment

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Maximise operational efficiency from goods-in to the dock door

  • Register all inbound and outbound goods
  • Reduce picking errors, speed up productivity
  • Manage last-minute orders

See how our warehouse solutions can help you.

Truck Loading

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Ensure the right goods are loaded onto the right truck

  • Speed up the pallet loading process
  • Ensure 100% shipping accuracy
  • Remove manual intervention and human error
  • Capture visual proof of load and condition to eradicate false customer claims

Learn how we help you control your outbound logistics.

Proof of Delivery



Delivery on-time and in full

  • Avoid delivery errors
  • Track & trace goods, vehicles and actions in real-time
  • Register what has been received where by whom and when
  • Communicate accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Learn how our Proof of Delivery software will help you.


Returnable Asset Management

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Track and trace RTI’s

  • Have full visibility on returnable assets
  • Manage and add new assets easily
  • Avoid excess stock

Discover how our end-to-end traceability solutions can help you.



“The OpenTheCar solution, an extension of the existing ZetesChronos Proof of Delivery solution, replaces the current use and management of customers' car keys. As a result, there are less costs for customers, routes may be changed more flexibly, emergency deliveries are dealt with more easily and the error margin using incorrect keys is virtually non-existent.”

Nico Bossenbroek, ICS Director, nox NightTimeExpress  Read the story


An end-to-end approach for peace of mind

Rely on a single source provider

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Benefit from our technology knowledge and unrivalled partnerships with all the leading brands of hardware such as Zebra, Honeywell, and Datalogic to get the fastest access to best of breed technology.

Peace of mind with flexible service and support plans



We support you every step of the way from consultancy, project management and fully managed service as well as ancillaries, in-house maintenance and repair services. With international offices providing a local service we will keep your supply chain running smoothly.


Centrally manage apps and devices

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Powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform for supply chain, you can centrally deploy and manage apps and devices, regardless of OS system. This which will save you time and reduce costs for your IT department.



“By working with Zetes, CEVA assures itself of consistency in and visibility of its entire mobile infrastructure and wireless communications. Additionally, I can discuss the field’s best-practices with one partner that covers the entire European market.”

Iain Armstrong, Director Infrastructure Services, CEVA Logistics

They trust us

Zetes’ delivery management software suite has been used by major transportation and logistics companies, such as DHL, DPD, TNT and many more. We understand the processes which enable agile deliveries. Consult our references and discover what we could do to help you.

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