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Outbound logistics

Manage your outbound logistics more efficiently

With our outbound logistics solutions, you either manually or automatically control the loading of the right goods onto the right carrier and vehicles every time.

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Shipping Verification

Faster shipping with 100% evidence based accuracy

With the ZetesMedea Shipping Verification solution, you will know that the correct items are being loaded onto the right pallet or carrier. It also takes into consideration weight limits so your items are stacked in the correct location for ease of delivery. All products will have barcode labels which can be machine-read so you know exact location of your items at all time.

Incorporating Zetes’ unique camera based ImageID technology, the solution dramatically reduces the entire shipping verification process time, with 100% accuracy and no human errors or additional tag costs. It achieves this through capturing a full view of the loaded pallets, rapidly detecting and decoding their multiple barcodes simultaneously. Instantaneously, it compares the barcode data to shipping orders providing the operators with real-time visual alerts about any discrepancy as well as pinpointing missing or unreadable labels. Digital images are stored for visual evidence.

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Loading Verification

Instant control at the dock door to guarantee correct shipments to your customers

ZetesMedea loading verification solution speeds up loading processes and removes shipping errors with 100% accuracy. The automated solution is powered by Zetes patented ImageID machine vision technology. Camera gates positioned at the loading bay door capture images of every pallet / returnable asset prior to vehicle loading. It instantly decodes and verifies the pallet barcode label and triggers a go/no go signal for the loading operator. Images are stored in the ImageBank enabling time stamped proof of loading.

You will see the following benefits when you have automated dock door control:

  • Faster and more efficient loading
  • 100% accuracy for improved service
  • Real-time verification for total peace of mind
  • A fully automated system that is easy to use
  • Visual time-stamped evidence of load and condition
Loading verification

Faster loading. Zero errors. Easy to deploy.

Reduce truck turn around times and guarantee correct shipments to your customers. ZetesMedea automated loading verification solution speeds up loading processes and removes shipping errors with 100% accuracy.

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Parcel sorting

Make the move to next generation sorting with Visual Sort Assist

Organisations are facing constant pressures to improve the speed and accuracy of their sorting processes. The innovative Panasonic Visual Sort Assist solution bridges the efficiency and productivity gap for operations looking for scalable technology and human augmentation with a fast ROI.

Learn how Visual Sort Assist can transform your sorting operation through:

  • Increased throughput and accuracy, productivity and agility without expanding your facilities
  • Reduced stress and strain on your warehouse staff
  • Faster onboarding of new or seasonal workers

Discover the steps to streamlining your sorting, without investing in full automation.


Automate your cross-docking functions with ZetesMedea

Coordinating cross-docking activities require a high degree of visibility of assets to ensure efficient and accurate movement of both goods, equipment, and people. ZetesMedea Cross-Docking solution ensures real-time registration and control of goods movements on the warehouse floor and on the go. This way, you always maintain insight and control over freight, anywhere within your distribution network. As a result, you will reduce dwell time, loading time, ensure the right goods are loaded on the right truck and reduce vehicle waiting time.

The benefits of our solution:

  • Real-time insight into status, load and location
  • Process goods with different conditions
  • Multi-route hub support
  • Report incidents
  • Distribution load check
  •  Goods controlled nests for movements within the network

“With ZetesMedea ImageID, we are saving time and labour costs whilst increasing production to ship globally with accuracy.”

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Learn more about our Warehouse Solutions

ZetesMedea is a proven and well established warehouse software for large and small companies across EMEA.

Whether you run a manufacturing warehouse, manage a retail stock room or operate a network of distribution centres our warehousing and distribution solutions can help you. Consult our references and discover what we could do to optimise your operations.

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We went from 600 to zero shipping errors and achieved ROI in one year with Zetes’ loading verification solution.

Henrik Rosendahl Laursen, Warehouse and Distribution Consultant, Danfoss
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