Improve your order fulfilment processes and reduce costs

Distribution centre operations are becoming more complex and challenging. Consumers expect a lot more these days, whilst tight margins and tough competition leave no room for error. Zetes’ warehouse and distribution solutions help you achieve the best performance, accuracy and visibility possible. From receiving goods and order picking right through to shipping and delivery, you will have a more efficient and connected warehouse or distribution operation.

The benefits of our warehousing and distribution solutions

When you use Zetes warehouse system you will see:

  • Orders being received and put away more efficiently
  • Accurate and quick order preparation and despatch
  • Error free loading of vehicles and shipping
  • End-to-end real-time visibility of orders and deliveries
  • A flexible response to orders
  • Streamlined returns procedures
  • A better managed workforce
  • Technology that works with your existing systems and can be scaled up as required



“Zetes delivered a complete solution that gives us end-to-end visibility throughout our supply chain and allows us to execute pickups, deliveries and reverse logistics more efficiently”.

Rolf Vermeulen, Operations Director, AMP - Read the story


Efficiency across your supply chain


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Prepare orders quicker and with no errors

  • Control inbound logistics
  • Improve order picking efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduce inventory
  • Guarantee shipping accuracy

See how our warehouse solutions can help you.




Deliver on-time and in full, every time

  • Proof of Delivery and Proof of Collection
  • Returns management
  • Track & trace of vehicles and goods
  • Direct Store Delivery and Van sales

See how our Field Service solutions can help you.

Returnable asset management



Get visibility on your returnable assets 

  • Track and trace assets throughout your supply chain
  • Invoice missing or broken items
  • Reduce excess stock
  • Monitor wear and tear and cleaning cycles

Discover how our end-to-end traceability solutions can help you.


End-to-end visibility and traceability

With our end-to-end solutions, you will always know what is taking place where, when and by whom. Real-time alerts tell you what is, or isn’t happening, so you can make changes straightaway and avoid disruption. Information is presented in detailed reports on your tablet, smartphone and desktop.

end to end visibility

“Working with Zetes has helped Hendersons improve its customer service in terms of the quality of the products sold through Spar stores, the accuracy of stock deliveries and overall delivery service provided to retailers.”

Pat McGarry, Logistics Director, Hendersons - Read the story


A scalable and integrated approach

With our scalable warehouse and distribution solutions, you can start small and add functionality as your needs change. Our warehouse solutions integrate with all leading ERP, WMS and TMS systems. They add functionality to your existing systems to give you the visibility and traceability you need to run a fully connected supply chain.


Have peace of mind with a single system

Reducing the complexity to your IT systems


We are experts in system integration and will add to the functionality of your existing ERP, WMS or TMS. With our Mobile Enterprise Application Platform you will be able to manage your entire IT infrastructure using just one platform.

Work with a single provider


Benefit from our knowledge and partnerships with all the leading brands of hardware to access the best technology. With international coverage providing a local service we will keep your supply chain running.


Flexible service and support plans


We support you every step of the way from consultancy, project management and fully managed service right through to ancillaries, in-house maintenance and repair services.


A trusted advisor for any warehousing operation

Whether you run a manufacturing warehouse, manage a retail stock room or operate a network of distribution centres our warehousing and distribution solutions can help you. Consult our references and discover what we could do to optimise your operations.

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