Eager to improve processes that represent added value for the company, Dia, a subsidiary of the Carrefour group, is optimising its picking tasks with Zetes’ 3iV Crystal voice solution across 3 continents. A combination of this voice solution with an RFID system was also implemented to improve picking control in Spain. The use of innovative solutions allows the company to increase its process quality and offer a better service to its customers.

Note: Following a rebranding exercise Zetes’ logistics execution solution using Voice technology is now called ZetesMedea Voice (formerly 3iV Crystal). All features and functionalities remain valid.

Optimising picking with voice and RFID improves security and productivity

Up until 2005, Dia was using a radio frequency system that was rolled out as standard solution in all warehouses in Spain and abroad. This allowed them to run a “paperless” warehouse, with real-time inventory management. However, after conducting a number of tests, it was determined that a voice solution would improve the efficiency and ergonomics of order preparation tasks.

Voice simplifies processes and improves productivity

The voice pilot was launched in the Villanueva warehouse (Valladolid, Spain), starting with 10 operators. Results were satisfactory in terms of productivity and process simplification and the voice solution was subsequently introduced to DIA’s Spanish, French, Portuguese and Greek warehouses. All these voice installations were carried out by Zetes’ local subsidiaries. The solution was also exported to DIA’s locations in Latin America and China. There, Zetes’ local partners took over, providing technical support for the installation.

Worldwide benefits from a similar system

Today, DIA has more than 2,900 operators working with voice in 38 warehouses across the globe. The operators learned to handle the voice terminals quicker than expected and found them to be very user-friendly. They were also happy with the improvements to the quality of their work. Zetes’ local office was entrusted with technical support for DIA’s warehouse solution.