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Gain competitive advantage from the unknown supply chain

In today’s demand driven supply chain, availability of product, reliability of service with a low cost to serve is paramount to thrive. This new supply chain dynamic requires close collaboration with suppliers and partners as an extension of your own capability, living your values, delivering your performance. You are not alone…


Zetes Supply Chain Visibility Solution

Zetes’ supply chain visibility software enables collaboration between all your stakeholders with a harmonised, real-time single version of truth. It gives you the real-time, end-to-end control you need to ensure maximum efficiency and perfect order fulfilment, providing real-time alerts in case of a fulfillment disruption. Empowering you to maximise the performance of your connected supply chain, protect your brand and maximise your bottom line.

Create a connected view of your supply chain:

With Zetes supply chain visibility software, you can break down data silos and create one complete picture which connects all critical partners within your supply chain network. You will achieve this without re-engineering any existing systems such as ERP’s, WMS’s and TMS’s.

You can access large volumes of data from your own systems, or those of your partners, and view key management information in easy to use dashboards.

Move from a reactive supply chain to a proactive multi enterprise, multi-tier, cross-enterprise supply chain.

The Visibility Imperative

  • Understand supplier performance
  • Understand exactly what has been delivered, and where
  • Understand haulier performance
  • Understand network performance
  • Maximise ROI in technology investments by deploying appropriate solutions based on evidence.
  • Where is my stock?
  • Where are my dwell points / bottlenecks / point of failure?
  • Is everything running to time – are there any risks to delivery?
  • What don’t I know?
  • Optimise supplier despatch time and product flow
  • Minimise unnecessary waste
  • Increase / decrease capacity based on demand
  • Make in-flight changes to at risk product / action stock diversions


The benefits of our supply chain visibility software

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On shelf availability
  • Improved on-time-in-full (OTIF) achievement.
  • Less downtime and variances in lead time.
  • Increase in sales due to fewer stock-outs.
  • Easy to re-route or re-allocate products.
  • Reduce waste
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A connected network
  • A seamless network without silos.  
  • Closed loop between supply chain planning and inbound and outbound execution.
  • Run a fully connected supply chain.
  • Full logistics visibility flow. 
  • Supply chain inventory visibility.
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Real-time KPI tracking &
disruption alerts
  • Accurate data improves operational intelligence and performance.
  • Proactive alerts allow you to provide an early response to potential and actual disruption.
  • Improved supplier/carrier performance.
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Reduce costs
  • Less buffer inventory needed.
  • Reduction in non-compliance costs and less disruption remedial costs (DC labour, shipping, 3PL fees, call centre).
  • More efficient use of your own and contracted logistics services.
  • Faster resolution of disputes and outstanding payments.



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Agile supply chain control for continuous improvement
  • Make dynamic forecasting a reality through the real-time insights.
  • Integrate partner touch points in order fulfilment to increase capacity through a seamless service eco-system.
  • Improve services and trigger alerts on events which could have negative impact on your business.
  • Management information to identify logistics network pinch points for continual improvement programs.
  • Maximise ROI in technology investments by deploying appropriate solutions based on evidence.
Brand and consumer
  • Maximise product availability to your customer.
  • Delivering personalisation and moving a product of one in a network of many is made possible ensuring a robust service proposition.
  • Having complete ownership allows you to identify and authenticate your products at any time and any point within the supply chain.
  • Reduce waste by minimising dwell time in the network, maximising on shelf sales time.
Customisable collaborative interface
  • Enabled via a fully customisable data platform with shared dashboards and real-time alerts for any stakeholders. This includes suppliers, third party logistics, legal entities and consumers.
Flexible cloud-based
data hub
  • Any supply chain data, quantity, value or attribute from any source can be captured.
  • Data is recorded and secure for real-time and historical visibility.
  • No re-engineering of your existing systems is required to gather the data.

How do we manage a supply chain visibility project with you?

Our approach to helping our clients is tailored to your specific requirements but will typically include:

  • Requirements gathering and design workshops to map critical stakeholder requirements
  • Review of end-to-end supply chain visibility processes and gap analysis of supply chain stakeholder processes and data integrity
  • Selection of appropriate data capture technologies (barcode, RFID, machine vision, IoT sensors)
  • Supplier on-boarding programmes
  • Full implementation, testing and support
  • We help you to think big, start small and scale fast…



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