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  • Optimise order verification accuracy and efficiency


  • Order verification with ZetesMedea Logistics Execution and RFID technology for accurate shipments


  • Higher flow and order processing accuracy
  • 99.7% of all shipment orders verified
  • Greater order volumes verified with less hardware
  • Real-time, indisputable evidence of every scanned order

Modexpress, specialists in global fashion fulfilment, has implemented a ZetesMedea logistics solution with RFID technology for checking all orders of Suitsupply. By optimising critical warehouse processes, Modexpress has achieved significant efficiency gains in the verifying of orders prior to shipment. “During our order checks, the EPC codes of clothing items and accessories, whether on hangers or packed in boxes, are verified by scanning an RFID tag with an accuracy of 99.7%”, says IT manager Dave Van Alem. The introduction of this RFID solution has also resulted in the need for less technology to complete the process.

Challenge: increase accuracy and flexibility

Modexpress in Helmond is a successful growing family business, specialised in global logistics services for fashion companies. For this purpose, the company has seven warehouses in the Netherlands, two foreign offices in Morocco and about sixty own truck combinations on the way to customers daily. In peak periods, the number of employees temporarily increases from around 500 to more than 800. Every year, Modexpress processes around 20 million products in some four million packages, while they have around 6.5 million products in stock.

“Until recently, we checked all orders for Suitsupply using an RFID solution specifically implemented for this large customer, which was ready for replacement”, Van Alem adds. “Suitsupply has been a customer of Modexpress for about fifteen years now. With the introduction of the new RFID solution, we also sought to boost our flexibility to respond to changes in demand from both Suitsupply and other customers. In our sector, the value of order verification and logistical information sharing as an additional service is growing”.

ZetesMedea device

Selection criteria: knowledge, experience, trust

For Modexpress, it was essential for the new RFID solution to fulfil all prerequisites for checking both B2B and B2C orders of Suitsupply, along with real-time information sharing with their order management system. “With the outdated RFID solution that we replaced, we only checked the majority of their B2B orders”, explains Alem. “With the new ZetesMedea RFID solution, we now check all B2B and B2C orders. It was also crucial to have the ability to adapt the solution flexibly and ensure its scalability for our future growth. For this purpose, we had several capacity calculations performed during the selection process.”

After meeting all functional and technical selection criteria, the relational criteria particularly influenced Modexpress in their choice for Zetes. “We already had a good click with Zetes during the first introductory meeting”, says Van Alem. “Through their strategic approach in providing solution-oriented suggestions for potential process improvements and the corresponding tailored solution. They also possess extensive in-house knowledge and have years of experience in delivering and supporting logistics automation solutions. That cultivated a high level of trust in us.”

The solution: ZetesMedea RFID solution

Upon analysing the order processing workflows, it became apparent that the peak periods for B2B and B2C orders succeeded one another in a manner that allowed the new RFID solution to be readily utilised for both. “During the capacity calculation, which factored in the suggested improvements, we concluded that we could check three times as many orders with fewer hardware resources”, Alem continues. “I had the calculation redone several times due to its surprising outcome. The most important difference from before is that we are now able to scan all RFID tags at an earlier stage in the processes.”

At the end of 2022, Modexpress began using the new RFID solution, initially for the verification of all outbound orders of Suitsupply. “With the ZetesMedea solution, we can now ensure 100% order verification with a 99.7% accuracy rate and share this information with the Suitsupply OMS”, concludes Van Alem. “Moreover, in the future, it can also be utilised for verifying inbound and return flows for other customers. Besides the support from Zetes during business hours, we don’t have an additional service contract as the solution operates perfectly.”

“With the ZetesMedea solution, we can now ensure 100% order verification with a 99.7% accuracy rate and share this information with the Suitsupply OMS” Dave Van Alem, IT manager at Modexpress


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