Paris (France), 14/11/2023 - Phyteurop, one of the leading French specialists in the formulation and packaging of plant protection products, announces the deployment of the ZetesAtlas industrial identification solution on its Montreuil-Bellay site. Along with the MD4000 marking system, Phyteurop now assigns serial numbers to its phytopharmaceutical products for conventional and organic agriculture, thus satisfying the regulatory requirements in various countries. The purpose of this initiative is to achieve compliance with the regulatory standards in force whilst guaranteeing total traceability for its customers.

Satisfying its customers’ serialisation requirements and fighting against counterfeiting

As a trusted partner of many third-party customers, Phyteurop is being adaptable and flexible, to respond to the changing needs of the market. Against a background of ever-changing traceability standards, Phyteurop has decided to work with Zetes, a recognised traceability specialist in the agro-chemical sector, to implement the serialisation of its phytopharmaceutical products in compliance with the CRISTAL (Communicating Reliable Information & Standards to Agricultural Logistics) anti-counterfeit standards.

Florence LEGEAY, Process Optimisation Manager at Phyteurop, shares her experience: “In October 2021, at the request of one of our customers, we equipped a first line with the ZetesAtlas solution. Everything was up and running in a week, but without any disturbance to our activity. We were completely satisfied, not only with the solution, but with our collaboration with the Zetes teams and the results we obtained. Since then, we have extended this solution to two more lines.”

Ensuring the authenticity of the products sold whilst maintaining flexibility


ZetesAtlas guarantees the individual identification of the products formulated and packaged by Phyteurop, providing full traceability throughout the supply chain. This solution drives the MD4000 automatic marking solution (by Zetes), allocating a unique serialised Datamatrix code to each product, in accordance with the CRISTAL standards. The purpose of this measure is to protect the products from fraud, such as counterfeiting and the grey economy, whilst promoting commercial exchanges.

In terms of IT, the implementation of the Zetes solution lets Phyteurop provide its customers with a list of referenced serial numbers for each product, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the products sold and reducing the risk of counterfeiting. Now, all products manufactured on lines equipped with the ZetesAtlas solution are able to satisfy the CRISTAL identification standards, both current (serialisation) and future (aggregation), without changing the operational processes or affecting delivery times. This gives Phyteurop greater flexibility and efficiency. Phyteurop concludes: “Zetes was able to demonstrate their ability to listen and their flexibility throughout this project and to provide us with the kind of after-sales service we expected.”


“Zetes was able to demonstrate their ability to listen and their flexibility throughout this project and to provide us with the kind of after-sales service we expected.” Florence LEGEAY, Process Optimisation Manager at Phyteurop

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About Phyteurop

Phyteurop is one of the Bioline (InVivo) group of companies. It operates out of its Montreuil-Bellay factory, and is recognised in the French crop protection market for its industrial expertise in production and formulation. Phyteurop applies this expertise as a service, for the benefit of established manufacturers and organic control start-ups alike, shipping to more than 80 countries worldwide.

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