The key to a fulfilling customer experience for today’s Omni-channel shopper.

The economic climate has created many casualties within the retail industry and we have all observed the demise of iconic brands because they were unable to adapt. There are many reasons behind these occurrences, ranging from the impact Government austerity measures have had on consumer spending, shifting buying patterns to favour online channels and business overheads rising disproportionately to consumer spending.

This white paper aims to draw on Zetes’ experience as collaborative supply chain specialists and discuss the important role in-store stock management plays in ensuring retailers can run a successful Omni-channel business. Regardless of how successful an e-commerce operation is, when customers are in the store, they need to find the products they want to buy are available for sale. What solutions exist to help retailers create the right environment for this to happen? Can they really deliver a consistent and seamless experience across all of today’s sales channels?