Brussels (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal), 20th September 2016 – Climex, a Portuguese company specialising in  cleaning services, recently implemented ZetesAres, a Field Force Automation solution for their aircraft cleaning operations. The application is used to check and record tasks in real time on mobile terminals. This has enabled Climex to achieve a number of operational benefits including increased staff productivity of 20%, a reduction in invoicing time of 50%, and more efficient management of more than 75% of its administrative processes.

Paper based, manually driven and inefficient processing

Climex teams clean 900 aircraft every month at Oporto Airport (Portugal). They work to tight schedules with just 8 to 20 minutes to completely clean the cabin in accordance with a checklist of 30 tasks. Previously, work schedules and job sheets were managed in an entirely paper based way using many different forms before being manually entered into their ERP system. This resulted in a high administrative burden which meant activity reporting and invoicing could only be undertaken on a once per month basis. In addition, Climex were using paper based flight timetables to plan the schedules, any changes were time consuming and complex to reorganise and communicate to the field workers.

Flexible, faster recording, and faster reporting in real-time

Climex were looking for a solution that could help them optimise the task logging process, data collection and to provide real-time analysis. They selected ZetesAres, which enables real-time data capture and communication between teams in the field, the back office, and clients.  Today, Climex team leaders are equipped with the solution on rugged Zebra MC75 mobile terminals. They now have real-time access to flight information, enabling them to easily adjust the team work schedule if necessary. On the mobile terminal, they simply look up their checklist of tasks to be performed, check off the work that has been completed, and ask the airline purser to confirm the work has been completed to the required standard. Data is captured immediately and sent in real-time to the Climex ERP system. For back-office management visibility, ZetesAres enables online progress tracking of all field activities and a comprehensive suite of reporting tools in order to enable their clients to access aircraft cleaning status.

Reduced administration and 20% boost in productivity

Since installing ZetesAres, Climex has noticed a sharp improvement in performance:

  • More than 75% of administrative tasks streamlined and non- paper based
  • 20% boost in staff productivity
  • Invoicing time halved, improving cash flow
  • Transparent, real-time reporting with the flexibility to easily adapt to schedule changes
  • Reduced risk of administrative error caused by manual data input

Ricardo Mascarenhas, CEO of Climex, says: “Zetes was able to provide a Field Force Automation application that satisfies our expectations as well as those of our clients. In fact, we are the first company in our sector to offer them this level of transparency concerning our activities. The implementation of ZetesAres is also a big success within our company, thanks to its user-friendliness and the time it saves“.

Centralised software updating and device management

ZetesAres is optimised by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, a cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). It manages the full lifecycle of the mobile infrastructure, applications, and devices. The Platform also enables organisations to perform software updates on all terminals centrally and simultaneously.

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