Manage your outbound logistics more efficiently

An effective outbound logistics system will make sure your shipping is fast and accurate so your customers’ needs are always met. ZetesMedea helps you improve your outbound logistics by checking the right items are loaded on to the right carrier. You can use it on handheld terminals or have a fully automated approach. Our specialists will advise you on the best option for your warehouse fulfilment, volume and type of shipments.

Load the right goods on to the correct vehicles

Once your goods have been prepared and staged at the dock door, the ZetesMedea Loading Verification application helps you to check all pallets, roll-cages or other carriers against the original order. Learn more about our palletisation software

You will see the following benefits when you have automated pallet control:

  • Faster and more efficient loading.
  • 100% accuracy for improved service.
  • Real-time verification for total peace of mind.
  • A fully automated system that is easy to use.
  • Visual time-stamped evidence of load and condition.

We went from 600 to zero shipping errors and achieved ROI in one year with Zetes’ loading verification solution.

Henrik Rosendahl Laursen, Warehouse and Distribution Consultant, Danfoss - Read the case study

Load the correct products on the correct pallet

With the ZetesMedea Shipping Verification you will know that the correct items are being loaded onto your pallet or carrier. It also considers weight limits so your items are stacked in the correct location for ease of delivery. All products will have barcoded labels which can be machine-read so you know exactly where your items are.

Integration with your ERP and WMS

ZetesMedea integrates with your existing ERP and WMS systems, including SAP. This allows you to retrieve order information from your back-end systems and compare it to what’s about to be shipped.


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