Pivovary Staropramen s.r.o


  • Increase work safety & reduce the risk of accidents at work
  • Improve loading accuracy
  • Reduce shipping errors
  • Cut customer shipment turnaround times
  • Speed up the loading process


  • ZetesMedea Loading Verification
  • ImageID - machine vision technology
  • Real-time ImageBank audit trail


  • Full ROI achieved in 12 months
  • Visual proof of loading and condition
  • Shipment errors reduced to a minimum
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Pivovary Staropramen s.r.o. (a member of Molson Coors Brewing Company group) is the second largest beer producer in Czech Republic. The company commands a 15.6 % share of the domestic market and is the second largest Czech beer exporter. They distribute their brands, Staropramen and Braník, in over 35 countries across the world. Their portfolio also includes international brands such as Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe.

Efficient loading verification

Staropramen adheres to rigorous safety compliance procedures. Previously, their vehicle loading verification process was time consuming, involving laden pallets being placed into an outbound area and manually scanned before being loaded onto transport. This required forklift operators to step out of their cab into the busy and potentially hazardous shipping area where other forklifts are operating. “It quickly became clear that ZetesMedea loading verification solution was the ideal approach. The solution enables forklift operators to stay on their machine while it automatically checks goods as they move through the loading gate” says Matouš Kos, Warehouse Logistics Assets Manager at Pivovary Staropramen.

Outbound logistics

Loading verification using Image ID

Having considered alternative approaches, Staropramen favoured the ZetesMedea loading verification solution powered by ImageID machine vision technology as the most effective and practical for their needs. The automated solution uses Zetes ImageID camera-based data capture to rapidly analyze and decode pallet labels while passing through the gate with no need to stop the forklift. Integrated with their existing WMS system and using a 5-megapixel camera installed at each dock door, it instantly validates the pallet against shipping information. Discrepancies are instantly alerted, giving a go/no go signal to the forklift operator. It also captures images of every pallet, roll carrier or crate, recording them in a dedicated image bank to provide irrefutable proof that an order was correctly loaded and shipped.

The implementation began in 2017 with an initial pilot on two dock doors and once process adjustments were refined, this was expanded to all 5 loading bay areas. Each one has single or two cameras on one side for reading pallet labels and every forklift is equipped with a mounted terminal where operators can check how many pallets are to be loaded.

User friendly solution

Staropramen is highly satisfied with the ZetesMedea loading verification solution: “We wanted a simple and clever system that would allow us to control the entire scanning process. ZetesMedea has fulfilled our expectations with its user-friendly application. Operators can now load scanned goods on trucks easily and safely and their feedback on the solution is excellent.” says Matouš Kos, Warehouse Logistics Assets Manager at Pivovary Staropramen.

“Since implementing the ZetesMedea loading verification solution, Staropramen can process orders for dispatch with almost 100% accuracy.” Matouš Kos, Warehouse Logistics Assets Manager at Pivovary Staropramen.


“Since implementing the ZetesMedea loading verification solution, Staropramen can process orders for dispatch with almost 100% accuracy,” says Matouš Kos. “We are considering how to extend its use to our other warehouses and to further improve the process by eliminating the paperwork using WMS system on forklift terminal.”

Along with the elimination of errors, efficiency has also improved. Several operators are now able to load one truck at the same time having real time visibility on what has already been loaded and so avoiding potential risks of duplicating the same order. On top of that, Staropramen can deploys’ warehouse staff in a more flexible way and re-allocate them according to daily priorities.

“We have improved the scanning efficiency to more than 99%. On top of this, we have significantly reduced the time to load a truck and increased the safety at work by eliminating the risk of serious work-related accidents.” adds Matouš Kos.

When Staropramen originally scoped the project, the company expected to see a full return on investment in 2 years. Based on the initial results, it has now been revised to only 12 months. “Our main priority was to solve the issues we had with our scanning. We decided to select Zetes as their solution and commercial proposition was the best on the market. We’ve been working together since 2017 and they’ve always been able to solve every challenge we have had to face.” says Matouš Kos.

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