Brussels (Belgium), Oslo (Norway), 23 February 2017 - Nor Lines AS, one of Norway’s largest logistics service providers and part of the DSD Group, has selected Zetes as its long term supply chain technology partner to help the company improve operational processes, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs. The ZetesMedea logistics execution and ZetesChronos Proof of Delivery solutions – offered as a fully managed service and powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform - will provide real-time visibility of all supply chain transactions, while ensuring rapid deployment of apps and guaranteeing visibility on costs. 

Future-proofing the business

Nor Lines operates a 450 strong fleet of trucks and 60 distribution centres, of which 15 are owned by the company. It is part of the DSD Group, one of the largest transportation and shipping companies in Norway. Following a competitive tender, Nor Lines selected two complementary solutions from Zetes’ Collaborative Supply Chain Suite to help them improve process execution efficiency and provide real-time visibility of all transactions.

Efficient warehouse logistics

The ZetesMedea logistics execution solution will be used at Nor Lines distribution centres to increase accuracy and throughput in the goods receiving processes, recording initial receipt of goods and then correctly routing them onwards throughout the distribution network prior to customer delivery. Goods will be identified and tracked at unit level, routed to relevant dispatch areas and then prepared for onwards shipment by any number of transportation agents.

Proof of delivery traceability

The ZetesChronos proof of delivery solution will ensure real-time visibility and traceability in the loading /unloading, delivery and collection processes. In addition it will enable goods that have not already been booked in for collection (classified by the system as ‘unknown goods’) to be collected and transported with full traceability. This feature means Nor Lines can differentiate its services by offering customers a flexible and responsive solution to any unexpected logistics requirements.

Full audit trail of product movements

“Using these solutions, Nor Lines can very efficiently route goods through the distribution network with real time data on the location of any item at all times, giving a full audit trail.  This will give our customers verification that their goods reached the correct destination at the right time and that each transaction was completed in accordance with individual compliance requirements,” says Klaus Bjordal, IT Manager at Nor Lines. “In addition to increasing customer satisfaction and supporting operational improvements like enhanced driver flexibility and visibility, the data captured by Zetes’ solutions will allow Nor Lines’ to more easily launch new products and services, thereby increasing business revenues with greater potential for service innovation, whilst also reducing transaction costs.”

Central management, rapid deployment

ZetesChronos and ZetesMedea are powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, which enables rapid implementation and management of software applications and hardware with minimal management resources.  The cloud based mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) focuses entirely on supply chain operations, by facilitating organisations to create, utilise, operate and manage mobile applications, users and devices centrally and effortlessly. Both solutions will run on 400 Zebra TC75 mobile devices.

Peace of mind with a fully managed service

Delivered as a fully managed service including hardware, software, support, maintenance and SIM card provision, the fixed cost delivery model allows Nor Lines to focus on developing their business. With no capital expenditure, the Zetes managed service provides a complete financial and operational peace of mind for the next 5 years, where they will leverage Zetes’ expertise in supply chain solutions.

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