Lisbon (Portugal), 10 January 2023 - Garland Logistics – a Garland Group company operating in the logistics area and supplier of complete supply chain solutions, has optimised its verification process for goods receiving and for picking process of their packaging lines with ZetesMedea logistics execution solution .

Since 1776, Garland has developed a number of strategical businesses which today can be categorised into three units: logistics, transport and shipping. With its headquarters in Portugal and operations strategically spread across Portugal, Spain and Morocco, Garland can provide complete supply chain management and transport solutions to and from Iberia and Morocco.

Improve verification process

Garland executes stock management for its own customers through an existing outsourcing process. They operate in the manufacturing, retail and online business industries, carried out from Garland’s warehouses located in Portugal (Maia, Abóboda, Gaia and Aveiro).

Previously, the goods receiving and verification process were organised as part of the Warehouse Management System (WMS), which made tasks very complex and contributed to the loss of productivity. “The previous process was paper-based and very slow, for operators who instantly needed to know the global quantities that they were supposed to receive and the quantities that they were actually receiving”, explained Paulo Monteiro, Systems & Innovation Manager at Garland Logistics.


Picking process

Garland saw this as an opportunity to improve this process and therefore decided to consult Zetes, its long-term partner. The requirements were very clear: The process needed to function externally with the existing WMS system in order to improve productivity. “Zetes suggested to us their logistics execution solution, ZetesMedea. The solution allows us to easily create the required processes in a digital way and to ensure the compatibility with all the devices used by third-party companies similar to ours, recalls Paulo Monteiro.

The merchandise verification process was created on our platform in which, through a much more simplified process, the operator can now gather all required data from WMS for the receipt of merchandise. The operator is also able to check any divergences after all merchandise has been confirmed. Thanks to ZetesMedea powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, operators now have information digitally about fixed posts and mobile equipment, thereby making the operation faster and, as a consequence, more productive. “Due to this improvement to the entire process, we now have less operators allocated to these tasks, who can now be allocated to other tasks instead”, stated Paulo Monteiro.

“This solution being fully digitised, it is more practical and enables us to remain more focused with real-time visibility.” Paulo Monteiro, Systems & Innovation Manager at Garland Logistics.

Quick results and real-time visibility

“The results were surprisingly quick and we had a 25% increase in productivity. We started to realise that the solution that we had implemented could benefit other processes such as our packaging picking process. This solution being fully digitised, it is more practical and enables us to remain more focused with real-time visibility. Zetes has been our technological partner for a number of years now. This partnership has given us great results and we will continue working together into the future”, explained Paulo Monteiro.

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