Eindhoven, 25 October 2022 – Wesseling Logistics, specialising in distribution, transport and warehousing, is deploying ZetesChronos to improve the visibility and traceability of all last-mile distribution activities. The logistics service provider is replacing the fixed onboard computers in all its trucks with the Zetes mobile Proof-of-Delivery (POD) solution. Wesseling opted for ZetesChronos because it fits best with the current and future needs of its customers. This project comes after a successful implementation by Zetes earlier this year.

Real-time insight and last-mile traceability

For many years Wesseling has been using a Transport Management System (TMS), with onboard computers in all vehicles, for delivery planning, tracing and registration. The ZetesChronos solution will be integrated with the existing TMS. The new mobile computers extend real-time insight and full traceability outside the vehicle, with a user-friendly procedure for the drivers. The selection process for this upgrade project showed that ZetesChronos fulfils 95% of all needs and wishes such as: this solution guides drivers in daily operations and can also be used outside the vehicle. In addition, it offers planners insight into the status of routes to be executed. The system can also be easily expanded with new features such as: an activity module and an improved messaging module. In addition, ZetesChronos has an improved geographical map to monitor vehicle location and route progress. Zetes will also supply and manage around 118 robust mobile computers, fully offloading Wesseling Logistics.
Proof of delivery solution

Proactively informing customers

The mobile POD solutions enable Wesseling to continue following all deliveries even outside the vehicle and to proactively inform customers if there are any changes. “With ZetesChronos and mobile scanners, we can further improve our delivery visibility, traceability and reliability”, says Arie van Duijn IT-manager at Wesseling Logistics . “This flexible and scalable POD solution enables us to respond faster to changing customer needs in the coming years.”

“With ZetesChronos and mobile scanners, we can further improve our delivery visibility, traceability and reliability”, says Arie van Duijn IT-manager at Wesseling Logistics

Outsourcing with Zetes TotalCare Managed Services

“It is great to continue to contribute with Wesseling Logistics after the earlier successful delivery of our ZetesMedea crossdocking application for the warehouse”, says Paul Lankhout, Country Manager Zetes Netherlands. “Also because Wesseling Logistics is part of the TeamTrans a cooperative association of independent family-owned companies specialising in (local) distribution, some of which are already our customers. As part of the ongoing development of ZetesChronos, we are now adding additional functions for activity registration and communication, and to make things easier for Wesseling we will provide operational management of the new mobile devices with Zetes TotalCare.”

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About Wesseling Logistics

Sassenheim-based Wesseling Logistics is a modern, mid-size family owned business with over 100 years’ experience. The company excels with committed Dutch-speaking staff and a strong emphasis on ICT and automation. From individual parcels to full loads and regular products to hazardous goods transport, Wesseling Logistics distributes goods within 24 hours everywhere in the Benelux in cooperation with TeamTrans partners.

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