M+R Spedag

Employing over 1,200 employees, the M+R Spedag Group is one of Switzerland´s leading logistics companies. With its own companies, the Group operates in 58 sites across 23 countries and has a worldwide network of affiliates.

M+R Spedag reinforces its competitive edge with Zetes’ comprehensive mobile data entry solution

M+R Spedag Group is a leading Swiss logistics company specialised in the demanding world of textiles. To secure its competitive edge, enable uninterrupted delivery tracking and meet stringent service level agreements, M+R Spedag approached Zetes to implement a reliable Mobile Data Entry (MDE) solution complete with WLAN-enabled mobile terminals (Motorola), docking stations, on-board vehicle battery chargers and access points.

Transparent handling from warehouse to shop floor

Zetes divided the logistics chain into four separate processes. Load checks are performed at the customer’s warehouse and a cargo data file sent to M+R Spedag Group’s FTP server by WLAN. At the hub, the process is repeated and any missing or incorrect barcodes immediately identified. Route data for transhipment is then uploaded to the MDE and linked to the corresponding delivery codes stored on the device, which are in turn checked off against each individual shop code upon delivery. This means that any undelivered or incorrectly delivered items are immediately identified for fast, efficient follow up.

A long list of benefits

  • Transparent tracking from manufacturer across distribution centre to shop
  • Faster distribution of goods
  • Real-time access to delivery data
  • Instant notification of delivery errors
  • Paperless handling on the road
  • Greater accuracy and fewer errors
  • Automatic synchronisation and version updates
  • Fast implementation with full roll-out in just 4 weeks

Faster, more efficient, more accurate

Zetes’ mobile data entry solution allows M+R Spedag instant access to up-to-date delivery data in real-time. The entire process is not only more accurate as a result, but any remaining errors are easily identified and quickly resolved. The paperless process, moreover, has significantly increased the speed and security of deliveries, ensuring M+R Spedag retains its competitive advantage in a fast-moving industry.