A worrisome number of logistics managers has no visibility or traceability of their goods between the moment pallets (or other carriers) arrive at the loading dock and the moment the loaded vehicle leaves. Automated pallet loading control can fill the gap, ensuring 100% accuracy loading whilst speeding up the loading process. 4 key benefits in a row: 

1. Error-free shipments

Using , Vision technology, an automated pallet loading control system ensures, in just seconds, if the right pallet is being loaded onto the right truck. Cameras installed at the dock door detect and analyse pallet labels the instant goods are loaded. This triggers a go/no go signal, preventing operators from loading the wrong items on the wrong vehicle.

2. Faster and more efficient vehicle loading

With such solution, human errors are eliminated and several operators can simultaneously load the same truck. Vision technology detects the pallet ID, wherever it is located on the pallet. Plus, in-motion scanning allows data to be captured at speeds up to 20km/h. This means:

  • no time is lost looking for the label or ensuring it is located in front of the camera eye
  • operators do not have to stop in front of the camera, wait for the signal, and then load the truck. The whole loading process happens in a smooth way.

3. Untrained, easy-to-use system

Automated pallet loading control systems do not usually require any kind of training. Since everything is done automatically, no human interaction is needed (vs. manual scanning, for instance). Once implemented, operators can start using it immediately, which means no time and money is lost in trainings and hardware configuration.

4. Visual proof of load and condition

The system takes a picture of the pallet(s) being loaded, providing visual proof of load and condition of the shipment. Images are stored in an image bank where they can be retrieved easily in the event of customer claims, avoiding customer disputes.

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