High Speed, High Precision Pallet Inventory Counting

Inventory accuracy challenge

Warehousing operations potentially lock up huge volumes and values of inventory. The capability to accurately and efficiently locate, identify, count and where necessary, protect valuable inventory has never been more important. Today, this needs to be performed quickly, accurately and regularly.


Want to optimise your
Full Pallet Inventory management?


Gain control, efficiency and accuracy

The innovative ZetesMedea full pallet inventory solution is specially designed for busy, fast moving warehouse operations to enable faster, higher frequency and auditable cycle counting. It delivers a fast ROI with high accuracy rates and real-time access to data & inventory intelligence.

Warehouse operational benefits

  • Faster, higher frequency and auditable cycle counting
  • Real-time inventory data and high accuracy rates > 99.8%.
  • Minimised inventory shrinkage, stockouts, aisle closures & prolonged shutdowns.
  • Improved on-time fulfilment KPI/SLA metrics
  • Enhanced revenues due to fewer stockouts and lower inventory write-offs.
  • Improved warehouse worker availability
  • Reduced health & safety burden during audit process
high precision pallet inventory counting

Pallet inventory comparison



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