Eindhoven (the Netherlands), 19 January 2017 - Zetes (Euronext Brussels, ZTS), has developed a solution named OpenTheCar for nox NightTimeExpress (formerly TNT Innight) and integrated it with ZetesChronos. This enables their drivers to deliver to their customers' vehicles at night and to confirm deliveries, without the need for a key. The new solution will replace the current use and management of customers' car keys. As a result, routes can be changed more flexibly for emergency deliveries and the risk of errors is virtually non-existent.

OpenTheCar replaces key use and management

Until now, nox NightTimeExpress drivers used thousands of keys to be able to deliver at night to customers’ cars. This limited the possibility of incorporating last minute changes to routes and there is a risk of keys being lost. OpenTheCar renders the use of keys unnecessary. This solution consists of a box that is installed in the customer's vehicle which is connected to the central locking system, an application that was also developed by Zetes for use in smartphones and other mobile devices, and a web-based management environment. The solution communicates via Bluetooth and is doubly secured by authentication of the Zebra MC67 PDAs that are used with an integrated scanner and encrypted access codes. Once the delivery is complete, the opened door will automatically lock again and ZetesChronos will send an electronic ‘Proof of Delivery’ to the back office.

Timely deliveries

"Timely deliveries of products and spare parts are paramount if we want to add value, as the daily schedule and services provided by customers depend on it", says Nico Bossenbroek, ICS Director at nox NightTimeExpress. “OpenTheCar enables last-minute jobs and changes to be processed more flexibly. Moreover, we eliminate risks associated with the use and management of thousands of keys of customers. Looking back at this project, Zetes has once again helped us to develop an innovation that stands out in the logistics market.”