Brussels, Paris, 13 December 2016 - In response to new European regulations the EPC Group, specialist in explosives for civil applications, has implemented Zetes’ solution for global unit traceability in its supply chain. The traceability solution harmonises the logistic processes of the different European sites and guarantees total unit traceability of all products, while minimizing the impact on productivity.

Compliant with traceability regulations

To comply with the new European regulations concerning the traceability of explosives, the EPC Group, one of the European leaders specialising in the manufacture, storage, and distribution of such projects, along with FAQ Logistique Conseil, decided to approach Zetes. EPC was under severe time pressure to set up total traceability throughout its production and distribution sites.

Tracking 60 million logistics events per year

The traceability of these operations represents around 60 million logistics events per year. These events are now saved and stored - from manufacturing to distribution – thanks to Zetes’ solutions ZetesAtlas (Packaging Execution), ZetesMedea (Logistics Execution), a module for Proof of Delivery solution  (ZetesChronos) and ZetesOlympus (Track & Trace). In addition, 350 mobile terminals managed in real time thanks to the MCL™ Mobility Platform have been deployed.

Added value for EPC

The traceability system is interoperable with the various customer and supplier systems, and has allowed the harmonisation of logistics processes across the European sites. In addition to the complete unit traceability of products, it has had other positive repercussions: "Zetes was able to provide EPC with appropriate tools allowing the Group to comply with regulations whilst minimising the impact on rates and teams productivity," says Charles-Ernest Armand, Administrative and Financial Director of the EPC Group.