Ghent/Brussels, 9 November 2016 To enable their nurses to work fully mobile, Wit-Gele Kruis of East Flanders has selected Zetes to provide a fully managed mobility solution. The solution enables nurses to consult a variety of information regarding patients and task execution on a tablet in real-time, whilst maximising device uptime and simplifying mobile device management for the IT department. The solution has been rolled out in a record time of three weeks, including training for both users and IT Helpdesk.

1,450 homecare nurses go mobile

Wit-Gele Kruis (WGK) is Belgium's largest organisation providing home care organised on a provincial level but coordinated by an umbrella organisation. In March 2016, WGK East Flanders launched a European invitation to tender for a solution including 1,450 new mobile devices and extensive range of support and management services.

Zetes was chosen for its fully managed mobility solution based on Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A2 Android 6.0 tablets. “ We chose Zetes based on their technical knowhow, project-based approach and the fact that they are able to offer us a total solution," says Bob Engels, ICT Manager at Wit-Gele Kruis East Flanders.

Real-time access to data

The solution enables 1,450 nurses of East Flanders' Wit-Gele Kruis to work fully mobile. Aside from being able to digitally consult the patient's medical files in real-time, nurses also have access to their daily schedule and a variety of other information, such as the contact details of the patient and his or her GP. 

Thanks to the robust yet light tablets with built-in eID reader, patient identification is more straightforward and fraud can be prevented. "The geopositioning functionality allows tablets to be traced in the event of theft or loss. We are the first organisation in the world to go live with these tablets," says Bob Engels.

Fast, complex roll-out with training

Zetes is responsible for fully taking back the old devices and customised configuration, the physically issuing and commissioning of the tablets by 1,450 nurses. "Distribution had to happen quickly as it was scheduled for 10 October, which meant there was a 3 week window," adds Bob Engels. "This is where Zetes adds real value: the company is able to successfully steer this project through a complex roll-out in record time, whilst providing training sessions to our nurses to get them up to speed with their new tablets and to our IT helpdesk to ensure efficient mobile device management using the SOTI MDM platform.” As part of the managed services contract, Zetes will also be providing technical support and maintenance.