Brussels, 23 November 2016 - Zetes has implemented its ZetesMedea voice solution, integrated with SAP, at Marston’s Plc. The independent brewery and pub retailer is using Zetes’ voice solution to optimise its formerly paper based picking, putaway and inventory management processes. Only 2 months after completing the implementation, Marston’s saw an immediate 5% improvement to picking accuracy compared with previous methods and an 80% decrease in post-delivery issues.

As the UK’s leading brewer of premium cask and bottled ales, Marston’s operates 5 breweries located at different UK sites, each producing a range of well-known brands. Beverages are shipped onto Marston’s central distribution centre in Mansfield and then out to over 2000 pubs and bars across the UK. In addition to beers, replenishment stocks of wines and spirits are sent from Marston’s bonded warehouse onto each retail outlet.

From paper to voice

Marston’s previously used paper dockets for picking wine and spirits. This manual process was prone to miss-reads and potential picking errors. Following the introduction of ZetesMedea Voice, powered by MCL™ Voice Platform, pickers are now guided by natural sounding voice commands, which Marston’s expects to significantly improve productivity levels and result in a higher frequency of ‘clean’ delivery notes.

+5% in picking accuracy and -80% in post-delivery issues

Marston’s has integrated ZetesMedea Voice into its SAP ERP system and selected the solution for three primary reasons. These were: the ease with which SAP integration could be completed, the high quality and ‘natural’ sound of Zetes’ voice processor technology and lastly, because the solution could be implemented within Marston’s firewalls for additional security. Moreover, ZetesMedea Voice is a speaker-independent, untrained system allowing to save time on operators training and profile configuration. To date Marston’s has seen an 80% reduction to post-delivery queries, highlighting improved accuracy levels (+5%).

“Implementing voice directed working is Marston’s first foray into adopting advanced logistics technology and essential to sustain current growth rates as sales increase,” says David Nijs, Logistics Director at Marston’s. “Now we’ve seen the potential for voice to improve picking, putaway and stock control processes, we are looking to implement it at more sites.”

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