Bremen (Germany), 15 June 2021 - Leadec, global leading specialist for the entire life cycles of factories and related infrastructures from planning to ongoing operation, opted for the ZetesChronos proof-of-delivery solution for seamless documentation of the internal transport operations. Within just three weeks, the solution was implemented for the logistics services on the factory premises of an automobile manufacturer and convinced from the start with an error rate of less than 0.15 percent

Leadec operates in more than 300 locations on four continents. For nearly 60 years now, they have been supporting customers in the manufacturing industries: from planning, installation, and automation to operation of the factories and buildings. In the facility of Bremen, the company supplies spare parts and consumables to production facilities. This ‘non-production material’ (NPM) as it is referred to, is located in dedicated warehouses across the extensive factory site to be called up on-demand by numerous departments. The NPM consists of all supporting materials that are essential for continuous production operation but are not direct components of the end product. The product range extends from work gloves and tools to welding robots.

Real-time visibility

ZetesChronos appAlong with accurate on-time delivery, Leadec’s customer demands maximum transparency of open and closed delivery processes at Bremen’s location. They want online visibility of the sequence of delivery stations, as well as the times and places of goods transfer. They also wanted monthly billing to be easily comprehensible and controllable based on a digital scope of services.

Leadec selected ZetesChronos to meet all these requirements. ZetesChronos is an electronic proof-of-delivery software for controlling and optimising pick-up, delivery and management processes. The solution helps to significantly reduce delivery errors, linking drivers, back office employees and logistics management to provide real-time transparency for goods, vehicles and returnable assets. It enables management enabling continuous insight into the status of their orders.

“ZetesChronos meets all our requirements and is extremely reliable. The implementation took only three weeks and with the solution we achieve an error rate of less than 0.15 per cent on our orders.”, says Alexander Bölken, Head of Logistics at Leadec’s.

“The implementation took only three weeks and with the solution we achieve an error rate of less than 0.15 per cent on our orders”. Alexander Bölken, head of logistics at Leadec’s Bremen location

Smooth process

The key elements of the solution include the proof-of-delivery app and a cloud based management visibility platform incorporating multiple dashboards for capturing, planning, monitoring and analysing deliveries. Based on this, planners from Leadec generate loading lists for the delivery vehicles. The delivery process begins with uploading the trip run data to the drivers’ mobile terminals. Each truck makes up to three trips per day, carrying 50 to 70 returnable containers and pallets, as well as around 120 to 200 parcels, from the NPM warehouses to the individual departments.

Zetes figured out what could be the best fit for Leadec and offered them a fully integrated solution including software, hardware and services.

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About Leadec

Leadec is the global leading specialist in services along the entire life cycle of factories and associated infrastructure. With headquarters in Stuttgart, the company has approximately 18,000 employees worldwide and achieved a turnover of around EUR 900 million in 2019. For nearly 60 years Leadec has been supporting its customers along the entire production value chain. The service provider is present in more than 300 locations, often directly in the plants of its customers.

The global services of Leadec comprise: Engineering (factor planning and automation, automation and production IT), Installation (electrical installation, mechanical installation and machine relocation), Maintenance (production maintenance and technical cleaning), Support (technical facility management, infrastructural facility management and logistics), and other local services.

The Leadec.os digital business platform encompasses all processes end-to-end and integrates in-house digital services. More about Leadec:

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