Brussels, 03 July 2014 - Managing mobile applications in the supply chain has never been so demanding. Devices change, operating systems change and every instance of change puts a strain on IT departments and management. Ensuring the compatibility and longevity of a mobile system has traditionally required continuous investment in time-consuming and costly development, deployment and IT infrastructure. With the launch of the MCL™ Mobility Platform, a unique Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) dedicated to supply chain process execution, Zetes can now give its customers all the advantages of mobility, with none of the associated complexity.

A unique approach to MEAP

With the MCL™ Mobility Platform, Zetes’ customers can build, deploy, run and manage mobile applications faster and from virtually anywhere, regardless of operating system (OS) or mobile device. The MCL™ Mobility Platform is unique because it combines two features that create unrivalled synergy for its supply chain customers. Firstly, it is dedicated to supply chain process execution; and secondly, it manages the entire mobile infrastructure, application and device lifecycle – enabling a ‘build once, deploy to many’ approach. 

Managing the entire mobile lifecycle

With the platform, customers can manage the entire mobile infrastructure lifecycle, from building and/or enhancing the application, deployment and integration, right through to the management of applications, devices and users. The all-in-one platform future-proofs the mobile business using the following key features: 

  • Multi-platform and device-independent: applications are built once and deployed to as many devices as needed, regardless of the operating system or device type (industrial and consumer devices). This removes the need for costly and time-consuming (re)development and testing. 
  • Central management: applications, users and devices are managed centrally, from virtually anywhere. This reduces the need for complex IT infrastructure and facilitates management of heterogeneous or geographically dispersed estates. 
  • Cloud-based, pay as you go solution: available as a SaaS, the platform removes the need to invest in costly IT infrastructure, is scalable and gives clear visibility of costs. 
  • Full lifecycle support: the platform enables pro-active management and monitoring of apps and devices to ensure optimal performance. 

Dedicated to the supply chain

The MCL™ Mobility Platform is a platform dedicated to supply chain process execution. It offers a wide range of standard, ready-to-use supply chain functionality, e.g. barcode scanning, RFID reading, voice recognition, NFC, image capture. This significantly faciltates and accelerates the building, enhancement and maintainance of applications and ensures rapid access to all device functionality. It also enables supply chain companies to manage applications from warehouse to store using a single platform. 

Juan José Martinez, President of Zetes’ Goods ID Division says, “For over 30 years, Zetes has been developing, deploying and providing fully managed mobile solutions for major manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers across Europe. We are also the leading partner for hardware manufacturers in Europe. Our collaborative supply chain solutions suite powered by the MCL Mobility Platform™ enables customers to manage complex mobile infrastructures and allows them to evolve as their business grows, without requiring time-consuming re-development and with no hidden costs.”

MCL and the MCL™ Mobility Platform are trademarks of MCL Technologies

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