Brussels (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal), 18 January 2018 - A flexible field service solution with a powerful, easy to adapt product catalogue helped coffee company Bicafé to expand its international business. Using ZetesAres, they facilitate order intake as customers can easily consult the entire product offering on a tablet, while sales teams have real-time access to critical customer and promotion data. Powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, all apps and mobile devices are managed centrally. The solution was rolled out in only six months and in less than one year, Bicafé already saw their sales rise, in addition to improvements in productivity, customer services, and an overall reduction in errors and administrative work.

Flexible and agile field service app

Bicafé produces more than 350 million coffee capsules per year which are exported to more than 20 countries through six subsidiaries. To improve and encourage business growth, Bicafé replaced their existing mobility solution by ZetesAres, an advanced mobile van sales software, designed to improve store merchandising, field sales and delivery processes. The solution works on any type of mobile device, making it possible to submit orders in real-time, produce returns requests, view offers, and issue invoices and receipts. Powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform for the supply chain, applications can be run, deployed and managed centrally without costly IT infrastructure.

“The dynamic product catalogue sets ZetesAres apart from the competition.”

Jorge Ribeiro, IT Manager, Bicafé

Main benefits

In less than a year, Bicafé already noticed major benefits:

  • More customer engagement and sales via an attractive, up-to-date product catalogue.
  • Less administrative work and errors: sales encode information only once on their tablets and it is available in real-time into SAP, without intervention of the back-office.
  • Customer information is always up-to-date and readily available.

“The dynamic product catalogue sets ZetesAres apart from the competition, as it allows presenting our entire product offer in an attractive way. Plus, we can easily update information and ensure we always have the latest info”, says Jorge Ribeiro, Bicafé IT Manager.

After the successful implementation of ZetesAres, Bicafé is now looking into the ZetesMedea logistics execution solution to optimise its warehouse processes.

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