Beyond compliance: How to get efficiency gains from your FMD solution

With the deadline for FMD having passed, organisations are now focusing their attention on how to make the most of their investment. Supply chain and inventory management becomes much easier with aggregation and consolidation. Wholesalers will be asking for aggregation from the manufacturer and downstream, hospitals will be asking the same from the wholesaler.


Aggregation and consolidation will not only benefit your business, it will bring significant benefits to others in your distribution chain. This requires a cost-benefit analysis specific to the needs of your business. Even if you choose not to implement aggregation, however, the one thing you should not do is ignore it.


Organisations should take a global view of track and trace requirements to future proof their business and ensure they can meet demand from new markets.


It is very likely that all the world’s pharmaceutical products will be serialised within the next decade and ideally there could be a single, global track and trace regulation to simplify the market.


Using both serialisation and aggregation, pharma companies will be best equipped to control the whole supply chain distribution system. What is seen as a cost today, will repay pharmaceutical companies with many benefits in the mid-term.