Easy Barcode labelling & printing

In a fast-moving business world, it is essential to have barcode design and management software and tools that enable fast setup, easy integration to SAP and other middleware/systems, as well as flexible technical requirements.

Label Management Software

Easy look-up and selection of labels

The Zetes workshops have their own software division. Besides delivering and setting up standard design packages, they also provide custom solutions that integrate with SAP, middleware and host systems.

Zetes EasyPrint

Zetes’ own middleware,  Zetes EasyPrint (ZEP), is an operator-friendly web service that links databases with standard design packages. The user-friendly front-end can be tailored to each customer. ZEP can be integrated in all print locations.

Easy data-entry

Data can be supplied in various ways:

  • Manually from a PC, an external keyboard or a printer
  • By ERP, WMS systems or custom applications
  • Requested from a print & apply system (e.g. pallet applicator)

Label design software

Print barcode labels quickly and easily

Ensure uptime of your packaging line


Print or configure your barcodes, labels and RFID tags with Bartender for Windows. Bartender is easily integrated into other operating systems and is so user-friendly that even beginners can start designing labels after only a few minutes of usage.

There is a variety of software licences available:

  • based on the number of network printers
  • based on the number of PC's on which the software is going to be installed

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Ensure uptime of your packaging line


Codesoft is an advanced software package for designing labels. It allows you to easily integrate label printing into your business. Codesoft offers a solution for the most advanced labeling projects.

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