Brussels (Belgium), 30 May 2017 - bpost, Belgium's largest mail operator, has engaged Zetes for the supply and support of the Honeywell CT50 mobile terminals used by its post delivery staff. Zetes will guarantee the availability of the mobile infrastructure of bpost with a support plan allowing an adequate response to all situations.

Outsourcing of support and maintenance

With its 'Managed Services' offering, Zetes will deliver second line support and an extensive and innovative service level. To this end, a terminal management system (MDM - Mobile Device Management) will be integrated in the Zetes TotalCare platform for the follow-up of repairs. The integrated systems will be used for the initial loading of software, the reconfiguration of the terminals after repairs and the generation of management reports on the status of the materials (for instance for preventative replacement of batteries).

Industrial, multifunctional PDAs

In the first phase, bpost will replace the current terminals of motorised post delivery staff. It has selected the Dolphin CT50, the latest heavy duty industrial mobile terminal by Honeywell. bpost will provide mobile apps to support the post delivery staff in tasks on the road.

Phased, 'green' approach

In the event of an incident with a terminal, Zetes will guarantee a response in relation to the seriousness of the problem:

  • the reconfiguration of the software while the device remains on site;
  • a 'full device accountability' service: in the event of a specific incident or fault, Zetes will analyse the cause within a time-frame in line with the seriousness of the incident;
  • same day replacement of faulty terminals ('advanced swap').

Only terminals for which physical action is required are sent to the Zetes service centre in Brussels.

Availability of material and integration

"The size of Zetes' offering was an important determinant; it guarantees the best availability of the mobile infrastructure for our users", according to Eva Verhaege, Senior Project Manager at bpost. Dave Malige, Hardware Manager at bpost, adds: "The option to integrate the terminal management system and our parcel dispatch application, "Shipping Manager" in Zetes TotalCare was initially not a requirement, but is a great advantage."

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, comments: "We have been an important supplier to various postal companies in Europe. We are delighted that bpost has selected us for this project."

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