Hod Hasharon (Israel), 20/06/2023 – Cidev Group Ltd., one of the leading distributors of electronic components in Israel, implements ZetesMedea to streamline logistics execution in their distribution centre. The solution, which comprises Zetes ImageID technology, enables instant and simultaneous identification of multiple barcodes from different component manufacturers, while immediately converting the data to the configuration of Cidev’s catalogue system. Significant efficiency and accuracy gains are being realised, reducing the non-productive time spent on both pre-despatch picking verification and inventory counting.

Digitising critical logistics processes

Cidev Group was established in 1973 and today operates through 7 branches which are located across Europe, Asia and USA. It is the official representative and distributor of leading manufacturers in the world within active and passive components, electro-optical, electro-mechanical, microwave and RF.

In the past, managing the logistics processes for tens of thousands of electronical components required the labour intensive manual identification and scanning of each component barcode label, followed by individual data adjustment for the compliant recording of the item info to their inventory system. This prolonged control process consumed significant labour time for both outbound orders and inventory status visibility. Cidev was looking for an experienced integrated supply chain partner to achieve their vision of customer service excellence through technological innovation.

An automated system for instant multiple data recognition, verification and labelling

Zetes implemented a dedicated conveyor that incorporates ZetesMedea logistics execution software and ImageID, an advanced machine vision technology. With this integrated solution, the ZetesMedea system enables Cidev to instantly read simultaneously a wide range of different component manufacturer barcodes in various formats, then recognize the data and automatically translate to Cidev’s WMS. The solution then instantly verifies the items with the WMS and with customer order data, then automatically prints a label with the needed information according to Cidev’s catalogue data with required customer order details. Since implementing this solution Cidev has been able to increase outbound logistics productivity by above 80% due to efficient time saving.

Mobile stations for rapid inventory counting

To address the inventory status visibility challenge, ZetesMedea enables rapid inventory counting operations using two mobile stations. Each station has been custom designed and adapted to the operating environment and equipped with an ImageID camera to read and capture the barcode data located on the tape and reel component packages. The exact same logic and rules learned on the ZetesMedea system used for verification allowed Cidev’s operators to rapidly read different multiple manufacturers barcodes. It also instantly feeds the data into their internal WMS classified according to their catalogue numbers for full inventory item status visibility. The algorithm also transmits necessary item data validation details and user notifications appropriate for the part number.

This solution enabled Cidev to reduce time spent on inventory counting by above 75% freeing up valuable labour capacity for added-value tasks. “ZetesMedea proved to be a major added value solution to our logistics processes, not only from time perspective efficiency but also in terms of productivity gains. We were able to save a great deal of operational time in verifying order picking before the dispatch to our customers, and in executing periodically inventory counting, which allowed our customers to get a more accurate status of the availability of the components in stock when compared to the previous situation.” comments Israel Utnik, VP of the Cidev Group.

“ZetesMedea proved to be a major added value solution to our logistics processes, not only from time perspective efficiency but also in terms of productivity gains.” Israel Utnik, VP of the Cidev Group.

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