Biomnis Ireland replaces its paper process with fully automated traceability solution for pathology sample transportation. Using the ZetesChronos solution they guarantee real-time traceability and electronic proof of delivery during transportation of patient samples to the laboratory.

Biomnis is Ireland’s leading independent provider of medical laboratory testing services. The company serves 500 clients in the public and private sector across the island of Ireland. Operating from their large facility in Dublin, Biomnis provides ISO 15189 accredited testing services in all fields of medical pathology. They have recently implemented the ZetesChronos Proof of Delivery solution – which Biomnis has internally branded ‘BioTrak’ – to ensure real-time online traceability and offer higher customer satisfaction levels. Other benefits include improved efficiencies in invoicing, compliance with UN traceability regulations and rapid response times in dealing with client queries.

Replacing legacy paper processes with digital tracking

Until now, Biomnis had relied on a simple but effective manual delivery tracking system. This comprised a 3 part docket system with a unique tracking number that would be manually updated and transferred at every stage of the transportation pathway. Time consuming to administer and record, each party involved with a shipment would retain a part copy of the docket as proof of delivery. Biomnis decided to invest in a significant upgrade their manual system by migrating the same process onto an electronic format. The key objective being to offer real-time online traceability.

Following a market review, Biomnis identified Zetes as an ideal partner because of their experience working with other pathology transportation specialists. Their reputation for providing a robust proof of delivery solution for AnPost, the Irish national postal company and DPD was also a plus.

Features adapted to medical transportation

We looked at other solution providers but felt Zetes were the most capable and experienced in our sector,” says David Norris, Operations Director at Biomnis. In addition, Biomnis reported that ZetesChronos provided all the functionality its clients needed, such as compliance with the transportation of dangerous goods and patient data confidentiality. “Other providers offered similar solutions but none were as functionality rich and suited to our business”, he continues.

A fully automated process

The simple but efficient process begins with a parcel being booked in for delivery and labelled with a unique barcode. Upon collection, the driver, equipped with a Honeywell CN51 mobile device, scans the barcode to indicate that the delivery is collected and now in progress. The scanning is repeated at every stage of the delivery process. The information is sent in real-time to the system and is available online, enabling the customer to check the status of their delivery at any time. Once the parcel is handed over to the recipient, the driver scans the barcode and asks the recipient to provide his/her signature to confirm a successful delivery.

Traceability during sample transfer

Some customisation to the standard ZetesChronos solution was required to allow for the overnight storage of samples and to enable ‘transfer on and transfer off’ traceability. This functionality is used when samples are exchanged between Biomnis drivers, each of whom is responsible for a set delivery territory, at specified collection and drop off points. That way, Biomnis ensures a cost efficient nationwide service with dedicated drivers for each region, and maintains high levels of sample quality and security.

Benefits achieved

• Agile order booking and pick-up/delivery execution

Early feedback from clients has been positive and they have been unanimously impressed with the usability of the new online booking system, level of automatic traceability offered and rapid job collection times.

• Compliance with UN legislation

The system enables Biomnis to transport infectious substances and consignments containing pathogens, which are classified under UN legislation, with automatic production of transport delivery notes as required by the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

• Supporting temperature controlled distribution

ZetesChronos provides automatic instructions to drivers alerting them to correct the temperature at which each package should be transported.

• Increased ergonomics

David Norris: “Employees within Biomnis’ logistics management and administration teams have also responded very positively and find ZetesChronos much easier to use than the cumbersome hard copy dockets system.

Biomnis currently uses ZetesChronos to monitor business KPIs such as completed, on-time deliveries and volumes of daily deliveries.

In a short space of time, ZetesChronos has proved a real winner with clients and we’ve been very impressed with Zetes’ can-do attitude as a technology partner”, concludes David Norris.