Brussels (Belgium), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), 22 April 2015 – Zetes (Euronext Brussels, ZTS), has upgraded the mobile service solution for the operators of vending specialist Selecta using  the MCL™ Mobility Platform. The platform allows Selecta to work both hardware and operating system independently and let operators be more efficient in their role. 

Service applications

Selecta in the Netherlands is part of the international Selecta Group, the largest European vending operator which offers vending solutions for coffee and tea, soft drinks, sweets, snacks, sandwiches and other fresh products. The mobile service application for approximately 95 operators, who maintain and in most cases also restock all machines in the Benelux, needed to be upgraded. Selecta opted for Zetes and the MCL™ Mobility Platform to upgrade its mobility solution because of its hardware and operating system independence and user-friendliness.

Mobility platform, hardware and apps development

The MCL™ Mobility Platform is a cloud based environment that allows Selecta to develop, deploy and manage mobile applications centrally, regardless of operating system. Apps can run on both industrial mobile equipment and consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets. As part of the project, Zetes also develops and supports a range of Selecta apps. For example, rather than carrying binders around, an app is available holding all spare parts lists of their vending machines in PDF format which can be consulted when visiting clients.

Role-based mobile work

"As our employees carry out different types of work, we have implemented the new mobility solution on a per role basis," explains IT Manager Dennis Straathof. "This all seems a very straight forward solution, however in practice, it has an effect on all personal applications such as phone calls, email, messaging, calendar, contacts and verifying information en-route.  Looking back on our cooperation during the last six months, I'm extremely pleased with the mobility solution implemented by Zetes, as well as how they have interpreted our requirements and preferences and have contributed to the optimisation of processes using apps", concludes Straathof.

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