Founded as a subsidiary of Air France in 1971, Servair is France’s leading aviation catering company and the third largest in the world, creating, preparing and delivering meal trays to its clients' aircraft. Servair has several subsidiaries and production sites in France producing 120,000 trays every day, using 1000 menus and 5300 different recipes. Every minute counts for Servair. Delays, changed flights and fluctuating passenger numbers, last-minute changes as well as the draconian punctuality imposed by aviation co mpanies are the challenges Servair has to deal with on a daily basis. All of these challenges mean that the latest, up-to-date information must be available around the clock and the IT infra structure must be reliable.

Full scale traceability of stocks and orders

Preparing a total of 120,000 meals every day using 5,300 different recipes is no small task. Add the strictest punctuality guidelines of any industry to the mix and it’s easy to see how every minute counts for Servair, France’s leading aviation catering company. Up-to-date data and a reliable IT infrastructure to process it are essential. This is why Servair turned to Zetes for a fully automated data collection system to replace its antiquated paper-based workflow and boost accuracy, efficiency and productivity throughout the entire production process.

A complete solution

After a comprehensive audit of Servair’s traceability process, ZetesInterscan proposed a  complete solution in partnership with Intermec. The solution included the supply of label printers, portable Intermec terminals and a redeployment of Servair’ RF infrastructure to enable full wireless coverage, all of which was implemented by ZetesInterscan. Thanks to the new system, Servair can now manage all orders and stock movements in real time. Not only every product but also every ingredient is now traced throughout the entire production process.

Greater transparency and control

Up to 45,000 scans are performed every day at Servair, enabling the automatic and real-time monitoring of all meal trays from preparation to loading. The system offers a number of important benefits for both sides of the transaction:

  • 100% end-to-end traceability of all stock and orders
  • considerable time savings during dispatch and loading
  • reduced inventory due to streamlined stock management
  • user-friendly, reliable hardware and back-end
  • comprehensive reporting for total control of production and delivery
  • significant improvements in efficiency and productivity

Tangible return on investment

Servair’s automatic traceability system not only saves time and space but also enables Servair to respond quickly to fluctuations in demand and last-minute changes, e.g. in the event of a recall. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the system has ensured it has been well adopted by users throughout Servair’s main facility. Coupled with the significant improvements in productivity, this has convinced Servair to roll out the ZetesInterscan solution at five other sites, enabling it to serve its customers and their passengers efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.