• Replace the old paper-based processes
  • Reach digitalisation standards of the Danfoss Group
  • Improve overall warehouse efficiency, and reduce downtime


  • ZetesMedea Warehouse Execution System (WES)
  • Customised solution to digitize all processes between goods receiving and shipping
  • Implementation at multiple locations
  • Integration with ERP system


  • Productivity was increased with more than 35%
  • Real-time visibility of all warehouse processes
  • One unified system across the Danfoss Group

Christiansfeld (Denmark), 24/05/2022 – Danfoss, the leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, digitize all warehouse processes between goods receiving and shipping with ZetesMedea warehouse solution. The new automated workflows enable a faster, more accurate real-time data capture with instant error identification capabilities. By eliminating data siloes and inaccuracies, Danfoss now has real-time tracking of every step of the order fulfilment process in the warehouse.

Back in 2016, Danfoss and Sondex announced an agreement for Danfoss to acquire full ownership of Sondex Holding A/S, creating a world-leading player in heat transfer solutions. As of January 2018, Sondex is a product brand of Danfoss. With the merger of two strong players, Sondex was required to comply with the digitalisation standards of the Danfoss Group, replacing their existing paper-based system. Accordingly, they selected ZetesMedea as their unified Warehouse execution system (WES).

Moving paper processes to digital

After the acquisition, Sondex (now Danfoss) needed to upgrade its manual warehouse operations to meet digitisation standards of the Danfoss Group. Current paper-based processes had to be replaced by an automated warehousing solution. Ultimately speeding up and simplifying operational procedures, while eliminating time-consuming manual work and saving many man-hours. For this reason, Danfoss turned to Zetes, a trusted partner in providing intelligent, efficient warehousing solutions.

”We have experienced a significant improvement in our team's productivity since introducing ZetesMedea and we can count on accurate and reliable real time data” Joakim Vodder, Production engineer at Danfoss A/S

”The manual workflows impacted productivity levels and efficiency, ultimately leading to fewer picks per hour and fewer orders filled per day. We wanted to eliminate these bottlenecks going into this digitalisation project with Zetes”, explains Joakim Vodder, Production engineer at Danfoss A/S.

Productivity increased by more than 35%

With a warehouse once operated entirely manually, the benefits Danfoss now have gained with ZetesMedea are substantial, including a 35% increase in worker productivity and improved picking accuracy. In addition, many warehouse processes have been improved including goods receiving, storing items, stock counting and order picking. This only requires the mobile devices to be equipped with the ZetesMedea app, after which the operators can reliably and quickly perform their tasks.

The quick and easy to learn system allows for workers to be productive immediately, not wasting any valuable time looking for items, or correcting manual mistakes. In addition to instant productivity gains, the direct integration with Danfoss ERP system reduces the potential for data errors and enables accurate order and stock data exchange in real-time whenever an item of stock is moved. This gives the management team access to the information in real-time, anywhere and at any time.

After a successful warehouse digitalisation project in Christiansfeld, the next step for Danfoss and Zetes is to roll out the solution to the warehouse facility in Kolding. The new project will be implemented in Q2 of 2022.

”We have experienced a significant improvement in our team's productivity since introducing ZetesMedea and we can count on accurate and reliable real time data”, adds Joakim Vodder.

“It is a pleasure to be a part of this digitalisation project with Danfoss and to provide a solution to help them enhance productivity and accuracy within their operations. We are happy to be supporting them today and in the future.”, Asif Akhtar, Sales Manager at Zetes Denmark.

Danfoss in Denmark has successfully rolled out ZetesMedea WES to the warehouse facility in Christiansfeld. Next warehouse to be included in the modernisation project is in Kolding.

The result: 35% higher productivity, lower risk of errors, and a quick onboarding time for new employees.

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