Brussels (Belgium) / Nordborg (Denmark), 31 January 2017 - Energy efficient solutions provider Danfoss has implemented the ZetesMedea loading verification solution to eradicate shipping errors and reduce costs. Using machine vision technology, the solution automatically detects and controls pallet labels during the loading process, preventing pallets from being loaded onto the wrong vehicle. Pictures provide visual proof of loading and condition. In 1 year, shipping errors were eliminated, processes streamlined and Danfoss has seen a full return on investment.

Danfoss’ main warehouse handles 1.5 million order lines and 80.000 deliveries per year. Prior to implementing ZetesMedea, the vehicle loading verification process was manually intensive and time consuming, requiring large amounts of paperwork to check goods off for loading and onwards transport. Due to tight turnaround time constraints, human errors occurred frequently and were not identified until Danfoss was informed by its third party forwarding agent.  Around 600 errors would occur each year resulting in goods needing to be returned to the warehouse at a cost to Danfoss, with correct items then dispatched.

Visual proof of loading

The ZetesMedea loading verification solution is a fully automated solution that uses machine vision based data capture to analyse and detect pallet labels in mere seconds. Integrated with Danfoss’ WMS, it instantly detects and reads the barcoded pallet label, validates it against shipping information for discrepancies and gives a go/no go signal to the operator. It also captures images of every pallet, roll carrier or crate and records them in a dedicated ImageBank to provide irrefutable proof that an order was correctly loaded and shipped.

Improved scheduling accuracy

Additional benefits include improved scheduling accuracy, as error messages are triggered if pallets are loaded for dispatch too early. The workforce can also be used more flexibly, as multiple operators are now able to load more trucks concurrently without making mistakes. 

Zero errors

“In the 10 months since we started using the solution, there have been no loading errors whatsoever. Overall, there has been a dramatic year on year quality improvement”, says Henrik Rosendahl Laursen, Warehouse and Distribution Consultant with Danfoss. “We are catching more mistakes and loading errors than initially estimated because we’ve identified other stages in the process outside of the loading bay area where errors were being introduced and now working to remove these too.”

In 6 months all 14 loading bay areas have been equipped with the ZetesMedea loading verification solution. When Danfoss originally scoped the project, the company expected to see a full return on investment (ROI) in 2 years, but based on the dramatic initial results has now revised this forecast to 12 months.

“In the 10 months since we started using the solution, there have been no loading errors whatsoever“.

Henrik Rosendahl Laursen, Warehouse and Distribution Consultant with Danfoss.