What is in the report?

Zetes, in association with Zebra Technologies, recently conducted a study that sheds light on the current gap between customer expectations and retailer’s capabilities to meet them. Unique in its approach, the study contrasts the views of more than 200 senior retailer professionals and 2,200 consumers across Europe.

Major Findings:

  • Stock accuracy is key: 87% of shoppers would not look for an assistant if an item is unavailable and leave the store
  • Customers are impatient: 30% of consumers are not willing to wait more than 2 minutes to find out whether the item they want to buy is in stock;
  • The “three strikes and out” rule: 78% of customers would consider not using a retailer again if a delivery was late or incomplete three times.
  • Lack of real-time visibility: only 20% are using automated systems that are updated in real-time, which creates significant visibility gaps in the entire fulfilment process.