Internet of Things (IoT) in the supply chain

Internet of Things: a means to ensure supply chain visibility

IoT technology can connect people, processes, data and goods using smart devices and sensors. It will provide all participants with full traceability of processes and events within your supply chain. This leads to an improvement in OTIF (on-time in-full) indicators, the fulfillment of the KPIs of your services and the delivery of products within the required parameters.

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Data anywhere, anytime

With smart sensors that can track and transmit data, you can have a precise overview of the conditions, location and environment in which the goods are during transport. An 'Anytime, Anywhere' data approach enables you to make informed and informed decisions and take corrective action, making your supply chain more reliable and efficient.

Add functionality to your POS and retail legacy systems

Get real-time visibility and condition monitoring during transport

  • Eliminate manual processes dependent on phone calls and email communications.
  • Eliminate blind spots and monitor the condition of goods and returnable packaging even during transport.
  • Ensure traceability of transport conditions – temperature fluctuations or major shocks that can affect product quality.
  • Gain visibility into where inventory is located and improve supplier management, prevent disputes, and increase efficiency.
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Leveraging the Internet of Things for the supply chain

With our unique experience in bringing processes, technologies and hardware together through cloud services, Zetes enables you to benefit from real-time information tracking and improve the efficiency of your supply chain. Our portfolio of solutions gives you modular, enterprise-wide capabilities for superior visibility and traceability.

We will advise you in the following areas:
  • Process improvements
  • Sensors and hardware
  • Integration
  • Network infrastructure
  • Visibility and early warnings
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IoT sensor traces

compatible with all Zetes supply chain solutions


Packaging execution and serialization


Supply Chain Traceability and Traceability


Efficient implementation of warehouse operations


Delivery management


Field Sales a Field Service


In-store execution

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