Proof of Delivery Mobility

Ensure the Perfect Delivery

To achieve excellence in transportation and delivery every time, you must not only ensure speed of delivery and receipt of shipments in optimal conditions. You also need to provide further information and offer more options and services to your customers. The ZetesChronos Proof of Delivery mobility solution extends your TMS, ERP or WMS to the mobile field. It connects your drivers, back-office workers and management in such a way that you can ensure the Perfect Delivery at all times.


Your benefits

Work more efficiently and save costs:

  • Less delivery errors & returns
  • Better insights for customers and management
  • Less paperwork
  • Efficient vehicle and resource management
  • Greater service flexibility

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How it works

Unique approach: agility on top of stability

  • Drivers, back-office and management connected at all times
  • Standard, proven framework with custom actions
  • Flexible run management  
  • User-friendly mobile front-end and back-end reporting

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Technology & integration

Seamless integration & use of added value technologies

  • Integration with any host or external system: Route planning, TMS, ERP, WMS, BI
  • Powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, a future-proof MEAP
  • Using innovative technologies: full document capture, IQ Imaging, mobile payment, smart card reading, …

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Great companies are benefiting from ZetesChronos

Every day thousands of mobile workers are using the ZetesChronos Proof of Delivery mobility solution. See who is benefiting from optimised transportation processes.