Food discounter Norma is using the ZetesMedea logistics execution solution to automate and improve a number of warehouse processes. These range from voice-operated, path-optimised picking to replenishment and freight billing processes. Results show increased delivery quality and order flexibility for stores plus greater efficiency across all Norma’s warehouse processes. Following its successful introduction at all 13 warehouse sites, phase two is already in the pipeline.

Beyond voice picking

In the field of logistics, the dual objectives of quality and transparency are inseparable. The importance of this can be seen in the new overall logistics concept offered at food discounter, Norma. This was developed in 2011, working in collaboration with supply chain solutions provider Zetes. From the beginning it was clear that Norma’s paper-based picking processes needed to be replaced by anelectronic, voice-controlled process. In addition, Norma was looking for a supplier who could not only provide the voice system, but could offer a perfect-fit solution for the entire process. 

“Anyone can deliver a voice system today,” says Matthias Lehmann, a branch manager at Norma. “It was the overall logistics concept offered by ZetesMedeathat was most important for us. Zetes convinced us they had a solution that answered all our requirements perfectly.” Using a combination of standard software and hardware, supplemented by a series of customised solution components, Zetes offered exactly what Norma was looking for. “Zetes did not just reproduce what we already had. They analysed our processes and advised us before changing them so we could optimise."

One of the benefits: flexibility to react to changing market conditions

On the whole, Norma can now react much more flexibly to the current market situation: “With ZetesMedea, we have simply become better connected with the individual requirements of our stores. If the weather changes, we add more barbecue items. If a competitor lowers its prices, we can immediately follow suit. We did not have this level of flexibility before ZetesMedea. We can effortlessly enter promotional items into ZetesMedea and assign them a second storage space, so that they are delivered to the store daily along with fresh produce. Throughimproved warehouse management alone we can generate up to 30 per cent more stock turnaround in our stores”, explains Reinhard Gräffe, site manager Rossau.