• Benefits include error free picking, full traceability of parcels and drivers, more flexible service for customers
  • Optimum traceability and reliability through real-time data capture
  • Plans to introduce eID authentication and mobile payment
  • 180+ mobile Rangel workers equipped and more business units to follow

Brussels, 6 December 2011 – Rangel Express is one of Portugal’s largest parcel delivery express service providers. In order to expand its business and improve customer service, the company has invested in an innovative Proof of Delivery solution from Zetes.

Since implementing Proof of Delivery, processes are managed more efficiently and customers benefit from an improved, faster service. The implementation is a major success and a roll-out to other divisions within the Rangel Group is scheduled.

Rangel Express employs 180 drivers who work from 8 distribution centres. The company specialises in delivering parcels weighing up to 30 kg within Portugal.  Since implementing its Proof of Delivery solution, individual parcels are now scanned by Rangel at all stages of the process: from initial receipt, despatch to distribution centres and then final delivery to the customer. Rangel’s mobile workers have been equipped with a mobile PDA that provides detailed instructions about items to be collected and onward deliveries.

Rangel Express’ Proof of Delivery: benefits in summary

  • Fewer errors: the terminal issues a warning if a parcel is missing or the wrong parcel is scanned when loading or unloading trucks.
  • Visibility: thanks to real-time communication with the host system, Rangel and the customer (via a web portal) always know the location of parcels at any stage in the delivery process.
  • Flexibility: a driver can notify back-office operations immediately via the PDA if a customer is not at home and a solution can be found in advance for delivery. The route followed by delivery personnel can be monitored via a built-in GPS receiver and a new pick-up can easily be planned on the existing route.

In addition, customer service is further improved through features such as online registration of the delivery status (with photo) to deal with disputes and cash on delivery. Rangel has the potential to expand these features even further in the future, by introducing mobile payment or authentication using eID.

"It was clear from the outset that Zetes had the expertise we were looking for. They demonstrated previous experience in the sector and a perfect understanding of our processes. Their Proof of Delivery solution is robust but flexible and it meets our requirements perfectly. Moreover, they can assist us in thinking about how to further enhance the solution, which will help us as we continue to expand the company," says Nuno Rangel, CEO of the Rangel Group.

The business units Rangel Expresso, Rangel Pharma and Rangel International Sea & Freight will be equipped with this new solution in the next few months.

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, concludes, "Providing efficient services for the customer is crucial in the postal sector where competition is fierce. Flexible processes and efficient traceability are two key ways of achieving this and Zetes’ auto-ID solutions guarantee both aspects. We have noticed growth in the postal logistics market where accuracy and punctual deliveries are a must."

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