Copenhagen (Denmark), 23 May, 2024 - Mediq, a leading European healthcare provider, has implemented the ZetesMedea warehouse solution incorporating the latest high-performance, untrained voice technology. The implementation has enabled Mediq to significantly optimise its picking processes while achieving faster fulfilment of customer orders and quicker onboarding of new employees.

Mediq supplies medical equipment to the Danish healthcare sector. Their large warehouse stocks 20,000 unique products and handles up to 1,500 daily orders. Fluctuating periods triggered by various factors may occur, putting great pressure on the operations to manage large order volumes against critical delivery deadlines. Timely and complete deliveries are essential for the company to maintain a high level of service and reliability for its customers.

Overcoming legacy systems and processes

Facing the expiry of their service contract, Mediq sought to overcome the limitations of their legacy picking solution. The impending withdrawal of support led them to seek a new future-proof solution that could better meet their current and evolving future needs. Mediq, looked to Zetes for advice and support, selecting their latest generation ZetesMedea Voice.

Fully streamlined picking process

Transitioning from an outdated order picking system and cumbersome devices to ZetesMedea Voice, warehouse staff can now easily receive real-time picking instructions through a headset, enabling them to work efficiently and hands-free. The system provides clear, step-by-step voice instructions, ensuring that orders are picked and processed quickly and accurately.

As the solution does not require any training, it is also quick to introduce new employees, so they can be up and running within minutes. ZetesMedea makes it easy to consolidate order picking tasks, allowing Mediq to optimise the use of labor resources and minimise the time spent moving between different pick locations.

Warehouse solution

“With ZetesMedea, our demand for higher availability and quicker user on-boarding and support, has been a success.”, Ulf Ståhl, IT Manager at Mediq A/S.

By optimising picking routes and reducing travel time between shelves, ZetesMedea Voice has improved productivity and led to faster order processing times. Another key benefit of ZetesMedea Voice is that other warehouse processes can be performed with the same device, e.g. goods receiving, picking, staging, etc. This dramatically reduces the total technology investment for the user. “With ZetesMedea, our demand for higher availability and quicker user on-boarding and support, has been a success.”, Ulf Ståhl, IT Manager at Mediq A/S.

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About Mediq

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