Logistics Execution

Enhance your warehouse for improved order fulfilment

To maximise customer satisfaction, you need a warehouse solution that will help you improve order fulfilment. With the complex demands in your connected supply chain this can be challenging. Using ZetesMedea, your warehouse workers will perform tasks quicker and more accurately, from goods-in to goods-out. You will also be able to effectively manage workloads, even in busy trading periods.

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Discover the steps to operational efficiency within the four walls of the warehouse

Are you looking for new ways to increase productivity and eliminate bottlenecks in your internal logistics? Explore the interactive warehouse to find solutions and technologies for the most common sources of inefficiency in warehouses today!
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Order Picking
Management Visibility
Goods Receiving
Parcel Sorting
Cross Docking
Reverse Logistics


Working with your existing WMS or ERP

ZetesMedea seamlessly extends the functionality of your existing WMS or ERP systems. It fills critical process and visibility gaps, mobilising your workforce and where required. will extend the business logic of your host system in a quick and cost effective way.

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Technology Independent

ZetesMedea runs on all leading devices.

We are the largest partner in Europe of all leading manufacturers, such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Panasonic Toughbook and Datalogic. Thanks to its open approach you can potentially re-use your existing equipment across different warehouse operations and save greatly on IT investments. Our specialists will advise you on the most appropriate technology for your operation:.

  • Handheld devices / Wearables / Truck mount terminals
  • Voice technology / RFID / Machine vision / Pick to light/ Put to light
  • Mobile and industrial printers and labelling systems
  • Wireless infrastructure

Central Management of Apps and Devices

ZetesMedea runs on devices of all leading hardware manufacturers. Powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform for supply chain operations, it enables central management of applications and devices, providing peace of mind for your IT department, in particular when managing multiple sites or warehouses with many users.

Improve Staff Communications and Management

Gain complete operational control over the order fulfillment journey from goods receipt to shipments

With ZetesMedea Management Dashboard, managers can access all business systems and workers at the push of a button. The back-office module provides real-time status information regarding key inbound/outbound processes and events can easily be shared amongst key internal and external stakeholders to aid collaboration. This enables you to make changes straightaway and avoid disruption. Information is presented in detailed reports on your tablet, smartphone and desktop.

With ZetesMedea Management Dashboard you will achieve:

  • Real-time visibility of tasks
  • Real-time visibility of performance
  • Audit trail for product traceability
  • Proactive management
  • Operational control

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Intelligent, agile process execution for today and tomorrow

Whilst addressing these challenges, ZetesMedea enables complete real-time visibility of critical processes in the warehouse to provide full operational control of the order fulfilment journey from goods receipt to shipment, as well as capturing the essential information needed for full traceability.

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ZetesMedea Resources

Zetes collaborates with Europe’s leading distributor, Logista, with TPD compliance solution to achieve full traceability across five different countries
Zetes collaborates with Europe’s leading distributor, Logista, with TPD compliance solution to achieve full traceability across five different countries

Who do we help?

ZetesMedea enables our customers, large or small, to run their warehouse and fulfilment operations more efficiently and accurately.

From goods receiving right through to shipping we help retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to extend their WMS or ERP functionality to mobilise critical process, fill visibility gaps and take advantage of the very latest collaborative technologies.

"In our first year of using ZetesMedea, productivity increased by 20% and picking costs decreased by 17%."
Enrico Zadra, IT Manager, the DAO Group
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