Inbound logistics

Save time and reduce errors organising inbound logistics in your warehouse

To make sure you have a clear and controlled flow of the inbound goods in your warehouse you need to accurately check and record what’s coming in. With our ZetesMedea inbound logistics module you will process your goods faster, detect errors straightaway, and ensure items are correctly identified and put in the right place. This gives you confidence in managing your warehouse processes so the next steps in your fulfilment process will run smoothly.

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The benefits of ZetesMedea

  • Quicker processing and verification which saves you time.
  • Confidence that inbound goods are stored in the right location faster.
  • Fewer errors that cause future problems with fulfilment.
  • Better inventory visibility and accuracy for peace of mind.
  • Evidence of goods condition for supplier disputes. 
  • Higher productivity in your warehouse saving you money
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Goods receipt

Your warehouse staff will be able to receive and check inbound goods at either item, carton, pallet or cage level. This is with or without validation against Advanced Shipping Note (ASN), Purchase Order (PO) or other delivery data from third party suppliers or distribution centres.

With our inbound logistics module your workers will confidently be able to:


Process and verify inbound logistics quicker.


Receive system directed guidance for inbound goods.


Capture photographic evidence of the condition of incoming goods.


Print labels on the spot to replace damaged or missing ones.

Our inbound logistics module synchronises with your own back-end systems providing you with up-to-date inventory to avoid stock shortages. It will also create alerts when items aren’t delivered so you can source an alternative. You will see an improvement in your labour productivity as well as reducing the risk of errors and should you need to solve any disputes or supplier quality issues, it also records any evidence you need. 

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Putting goods in the right place ensures other warehouse processes run smoothly. When you use ZetesMedea, goods will always be in the right place to maximise customer satisfaction and production uptime. Your team will receive system instructions such as where to put goods and the quickest way to do this. The technology allows for more accuracy with barcode scanning, voice and put-to-light. There are many benefits for your inbound logistics including: 

  • Shorter receipt-to-stock cycle times.
  • Better inventory visibility, availability and accuracy.
  • Confidence that incoming goods are stored in the right location, every single time.
  • Higher warehouse worker productivity as more goods can be put away in less time.
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Reverse Logistics

Improve return processing times and achieve instant inventory visibility

ZetesMedea helps you achieve full visibility across your operations, allowing you to efficiently process customer returns, put seasonal and surplus inventory back into stock, or identify goods for refurbishment or disposal. The system enables you can rapidly manage your returns to minimise costs, improve availability, reduce stock obsolescence and maximise your margin.

There are many benefits with ZetesMedea, including:

  • Rapidly process returns to reduce receipt to stock cycles
  • Create reverse pick lists to return to stock
  • Improved worker productivity
  • Avoid wasting time looking for items
  • Capture evidence of condition to minimise dispute

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