Compact, Smart Design

All components fit onto one solid anodized base plate: rewinder, operating panel, print engine and applicator arm of your choice. Thanks to their compact design, the applicator fits into your production line.

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Applicator arms to serve any labelling needs

Depending on which product you wish to label and where, the printer applicator can be equipped with various applicator arms:

  • Tamp & Blow: Perfect fit for labelling irregular surfaces.
  • Blow: Contactless labelling, ideal for high-speed application or sensitive products.
  • Pivoting: Applies any type of label at the front, back or corner of products and boxes.
  • Smart Cylinder: Distance sensitive, proven in high-speed labelling of products of variable surfaces.
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In-house Design

Zetes' printer applicators are designed, manufactured and implemented by our own specialists. Standard where possible, customized where necessary, we guarantee you get the solution that fits your requirements.


Left and right handed positions for quick replacement of ribbons and labels.


Fast and easy look-up and selection of labels via standard label management software. Label design software of leading providers (Bartender, Codesoft …).

Add ons

A variety of add ons are available upon request: barcode scanners, autmatic stroke length detection, cover for dusty environments…


  • MD3000: OEM print module
  • MD4000: Integrates with print engines of all leading manufacturers: Intermec, Zebra, Toshiba.


Intuitive interface for easy manipulation.


  • Interface: Ethernet, RF
  • Various I/O’s available for communication with external systems

Labellers Spec Sheets

Zetes' labellers for items, boxes and trays (MD3000, MD4000) are designed to ensure efficient labelling in the most demanding environments.


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