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Discover the steps to operational efficiency within the four walls of the warehouse

Are you looking for new ways to increase productivity and eliminate bottlenecks in your internal logistics? Explore the interactive warehouse to find solutions and technologies for the most common sources of inefficiency in warehouses today!
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Optimise inbound handling processes

Save time and reduce errors organising your inbound logistics processes

To make sure you have a clear and controlled flow of the inbound goods in your warehouse, you need to accurately check and record what’s coming in. With our ZetesMedea inbound logistics module you will process your goods faster, detect errors straightaway, and ensure items are correctly identified and put in the right place. Get the first step right so the rest of your fulfilment process will run smoothly.

Benefits of ZetesMedea inbound module:

  • Quicker processing and verification
  • Incoming goods are stored in the right location right away 
  • Fewer errors, avoiding potential issues further down the line
  • Better inventory visibility and accuracy 
  • Evidence of goods condition in case of supplier disputes 
  • Higher productivity 

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Implementing efficient inventory counting capabilities

Prevents human error, inventory manipulation and downtime.

Performing cycle counts are essential, however manually counting takes time as well as a lot of resources. Zetes inventory solutions allows you to check the system stock levels with the physical stock levels to make sure that planned actions (based on system stock) can be fulfilled completely. It helps you to count stock faster and manage your inventory in real-time, while keeping an accurate count and location of everything in your warehouse.

Your benefits:

  • Rapid inventory checking process
  • Count combined with other processes
  • Increased stock accuracy
  • Avoid wasting time looking for items
  • No need for holding extra inventory as a safety net against inaccurate numbers

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Streamline order picking processes

Quicker and error-free order picking

Whether you are item picking, case picking or pallet picking we speed up your order fulfilment utilising exactly the right technology for your needs. ZetesMedea ensures both speed and accuracy in your order picking operations and allows you to mix and match technology for all picking methods including batch picking, multi-order picking, wave picking, zone picking and pick by line.

With our solutions your warehouse operators will prepare orders fasters and without errors, so you can meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), deliver on-time and mange unplanned deliveries, even during busy periods.

Using ZetesMedea brings the following order picking benefits:

  • Fulfil more orders per day
  • Get temporary workers up to speed quicker
  • Achieve at least 99.9% picking accuracy
  • Minimise costly returns and penalties for mis-shipments
  • Enable fast or same day shipping
  • Comply with traceability regulations

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Turnaround outbound handling performance

Manage your outbound logistics more efficiently

With our outbound logistics solutions, you either manually or automatically control the loading of the right goods onto the right carrier and vehicles every time.

The benefits of ZetesMedea for outbound logistics:

  • Faster and more efficient loading
  • 100% accuracy for improved service
  • Real-time verification for total peace of mind
  • A fully automated system that is easy to use
  • Visual time-stamped evidence of load and condition

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Improve Staff Communications and Management

Gain complete operational control over the order fulfillment journey from goods receipt to shipments

With ZetesMedea Management Dashboard, managers can access all business systems and workers at the push of a button. The back-office module provides real-time status information regarding key inbound/outbound processes and events can easily be shared amongst key internal and external stakeholders to aid collaboration. This enables you to make changes straightaway and avoid disruption. Information is presented in detailed reports on your tablet, smartphone and desktop.

With ZetesMedea Management Dashboard you will achieve:

  • Real-time visibility of tasks
  • Real-time visibility of performance
  • Audit trail for product traceability
  • Proactive management
  • Operational control

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Intelligent, agile process execution for today and tomorrow

Whilst addressing these challenges, ZetesMedea enables complete real-time visibility of critical processes in the warehouse to provide full operational control of the order fulfilment journey from goods receipt to shipment, as well as capturing the essential information needed for full traceability.

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