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Asset Tracking can unlock hidden productivity and cost savings

In the world of logistics and supply chains, most things are transported using shipping assets like trays, pallets, crates, bins, or containers

Today, operations are seeking to unlock efficiency through better visibility and tracking of their returnable transport items (RTI’s) such as roll cages trolleys, plastic crates and reusable items like bottles, containers, and cutlery sets. Such assets optimise internal operations and make collaboration with partners and customers smoother.

However, managing the flow of returnable assets within today’s complex supply chain is a challenge. This leads to problems in ensuring asset availability, recovery and locationing. The result? Higher costs, risks to business continuity due to inadequate control, and potential customer/partner dissatisfaction.

Whether in logistics, leisure, medical equipment, tools,
or other sectors, companies are seeking better control over their assets and equipment

Store Inventory Management
Maximise Asset Availability

Optimise your operations and reduce operational costs. Reduce wasted time looking for misplaced assets.

Task Management
Minimise Buffer Stock

Gain greater visibility of your returnable assets pool to minimise unnecessary expenditure.

Click and Collect
Greener Logistics

Better utilise your assets to lower carbon your footprint and enable more sustainable supply chain practices.


ZetesZeus Asset Tracking

You can track both the returnable transport items (RTIs) and the products within them. This creates comprehensive real-time visibility which can significantly improve the return on investment.

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Zetes Powerful Event Tracking Platform and Management Intelligence

ZetesZeus Asset Tracking is your key to unlocking comprehensive data capture within this intricate flow, seamlessly integrated with your existing processes or paired with Zetes' supply chain execution solutions.

Complete Visibility – Assets & Goods

Our cutting-edge technology doesn't just track assets; it can synchronize the movement of returnable assets and RTI’s with the products they carry, providing unparalleled visibility at every level of granularity. Whether it's across your local operations or sprawling international networks, gain a complete view of goods and assets, empowering smarter decisions and optimized supply chain management.

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Reap the benefits of real-time asset tracking with Zetes

At the heart of every supply chain lies the crucial flow of returnable assets alongside products. The inability to track and trace these returnable assets can have a financial impact on a business.

Inbound logistics
Order Picking
Retail / Logistics
Voice-directed picking
Asset Rental
Outbound logistics
Tool Hire
Other logistics processes
Medical Equipment

Key Considerations for Asset Tracking

A variety of solutions are available which track and trace returnable assets/RTI’s and can help you avoid problems.

Here are five questions to take into account when considering a returnable asset tracking solution:
1. What is the financial impact of not knowing where my returnable assets are located?
2. How important is asset availability to keep my operation running smoothly?
3. Would monitoring both assets and the goods simultaneously add value to my operation?
4. What identification and data capture systems are currently in place?
5. How important is minimising labour/manual effort in tracking my returnable assets?

Technology enablers

Depending on the processes, RFID, Vision, Barcode-based systems may provide the right benefits. Several technologies can even be combined in order to achieve full efficiency in one or more processes.

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