Note: Following a rebranding exercise Zetes’ logistics execution solution using voice technology is now called ZetesMedea Voice (formerly 3iV Crystal). All features and functionalities remain valid.

Voice and proof of collection allow rapidity and accuracy gains, while rising service quality and productivity levels

Doyen Auto is a European distributor of car parts. The company runs a logistics center in Seneffe, where it manages 76,000 references in its 17,000 m² warehouse, representing over 2 million parts. Christian Célis, Logistics Director at Doyen Auto, explains the importance of auto-ID for the automation of their processes.

What are the main challenges you are confronted with in your industry?

Christian Célis : We operate in a highly competitive market where fast deliveries are key . Depending on when an order is placed, we deliver the same day, at night or the next morning. Accuracy and speed are hence the elements that set us apart. As customers place their orders as late as possible, often only minutes before the deadline, Doyen Auto needed a system that allows to accurately process a lot of information at high speed.

How do you face those challenges?

Christian Célis : Auto-ID helps us to speed up our processes. We register the reception of goods through  barcode scanning  with  handheld terminals . For order picking, we use  voice . The combination of these tools allows us to work fast and precise. Our error rate is extremely low: only 0,05%.

How do you further try to set yourself apart from the competition?

Christian Célis : Allowing our customers to return goods – even if correctly delivered – is one of our differentiators. However, this supposes a logistic challenge as the returned parts must be identified correctly and re enter the stock. Therefore, we have implemented for a new system, which helps us to register and approve the flow of returning goods. We scan each part separately. Then the system checks with our ERP if the right piece was returned. When returned goods are scanned at the customer’s site, the acceptance of the goods is confirmed with a print-out.

As a whole, what have been the benefits of auto-ID for Doyen Auto?

Christian Célis : Without the use of technology, it would not have been possible to attain our current levels of service quality and productivity.