Etiquetas industriales

Seleccionar el tipo de etiqueta adecuada para su impresora es importante para garantizar la compatibilidad, el máximo rendimiento y la calidad.

Zetes suministra una amplia gama de etiquetas autoadhesivas de transferencia térmica e impresión térmica directa compatibles con una gran variedad de impresoras de códigos de barras.

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Label Specialists

Nuestros expertos le aconsejarán sobre cuál es el tipo de etiqueta que necesita:

  • Etiquetas térmicas directas / de transferencia térmica
  • Etiquetas de papel / sintéticas
  • Etiquetas para congelados
  • Etiquetas de localización
  • Etiquetas impresas en color de alta calidad
  • Etiquetas en blanco / preimpresas
  • Etiquetas permanentes / despegables
  • Recibos de impresora
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Nuestra fábrica de etiquetas

En Zetes comercializamos etiquetas de fabricantes como Zebra, entre otros, pero también contamos con nuestra propia fábrica de etiquetas cerca de Barcelona. Con una superficie de 2000 m², la fábrica produce etiquetas bajo nuestra propia marca (MD) y también como OEM con licencia de las principales marcas internacionales.

Add functionality to your POS and retail legacy systems

Blank Labels

Ensure Optimal Performance

Zetes’ Universal labels are certified to work with all printers on the market: Zebra, Honeywell, Sato, Datamax, Toshiba Tec, Cab, etc. For each non-thermal label we provide a suitable thermal transfer ribbon to guarantee a perfect print. We supply ribbons in any desired quality.


Various sorts of adhesives available. Produce and packaged the way you want: on a roll, zigzag folded, with perforated line on a sheet, bundled..

Types of pre-printed labels:

  • Paper and synthetic
  • Labels with glue
  • Labels with glue free strips
  • Laminated labels
  • Drypeel labels

Labels for Multicolour, Flexo or Digital Printing

  • Using up to eight colors
  • Flexo or digital printing. We will advise you on which printing technique best suits your needs
  • Our own repro-department can handle any design or modification
  • Wide range in both paper and synthetic
  • Duo labels
  • Various sizes available


  • Various sorts of adhesives available
  • Produce and packaged the way you want: on a roll, zigzag folded, with perforated line on a sheet, bundled, etc

Types of Pre-Printed Labels

  • Paper and synthetic
  • Sequentially numbered labels
  • Labels with glue
  • Labels with glue free strips
  • Action stamps, seals and coupons
  • PVC cards
  • Laminated labels
  • Drypeel labels
  • Duo labels
  • Booklets

Zetes' preprinted labels work perfectly on Zetes' standard and customised labelling systems.

Passive or Active RFID Tags

RFID tag labels can be used in specific situations, where an active or passive tagging system is required in conjunction with RFID readers and gates at key locations. A RFID label can be used for high-end and technology products with a high unti cost.

Contact Zetes for both active and passive RFID labels


Cintas de transferencia térmica

Zetes suministra cintas económicas para todo tipo de impresoras (Zebra, Honeywell, SATO, Datamax O’Neil, etc.). También comercializamos una amplia gama de cintas para distintas aplicaciones, como cera, cera/resina o resina.

Always the perfect print

Ensure always the perfect print. For each non-thermal label we provide a suitable thermal transfer ribbon which is guaranteed a perfect print. Ribbons are available in various widths to match the label width suitable for the application, as well as in various lengths to meet the printer’s application.

Identification from the Manufacturing Plant to the Store

The accurate identification of goods is key to improving agility, visibility and traceability within the supply chain, which is why coding, printing and labelling solutions are an integral part of our collaborative supply chain solutions portfolio.

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