Paris (France), 13 December 2022 – TEDIS, an international group specialising in pharmaceutical distribution for export, has acquired the ZetesMedea solution based on vision technology. To comply with European regulations and regular updates, TEDIS is able to ensure precise traceability of medicines and guarantee the authenticity of its partner laboratories’ products. With the solution, based on image capture, TEDIS now enjoys faster execution times, guaranteed control and security, and the ability to anticipate stockouts.

TEDIS has over 30 years of experience in offering services that meet the needs of its laboratory and pharmacist partners in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The group supplies more than 7000 pharmacies worldwide, managing a stock catalogue of almost 8000 different products for export every day.

Full compliance with the European directive

When the new European Directive was implemented in 2019, imposing full traceability of medicines, the TEDIS group had to equip itself with a solution to increase the efficiency of its activities and to comply with these regulations whilst being ready for future updates with a core business partner.

Industrial vision technology applied to serialisation

Within the framework of the FMD, prescription medicines are identified by a unique serial number (serialisation), which authenticates the products and prevents counterfeiting. The ZetesMedea ImageID solution, based on industrial vision technology, is equipped with an overhead camera that automatically and instantaneously reads the Datamatrix codes of the serialised products. Mass reading means that no manual intervention is required; operators simply need to place the boxes under the camera, which detects them automatically, irrespective of their number and size.


Avoiding stockouts in the healthcare sector

The TEDIS group has achieved faster execution in shipping its orders to pharmacies and healthcare establishments all over the world. The ZetesMedea solution increases product availability and reduces the risk of stockouts of patient-critical medicines.

A technology that satisfies the company's current and future needs

“We know that we have a reliable partner in Zetes, which lets us fulfil our current needs and will also support us in the future. It is actually a principle of pharmaceutical regulations that they are constantly evolving, and we know that Zetes will enable us to satisfy new requirements tomorrow if necessary,” says Guy Fauchet, Head Pharmacist at TEDIS.

“We know that we have a reliable partner in Zetes, which lets us fulfil our current needs and will also support us in the future. ” says Guy Fauchet, Head Pharmacist at TEDIS.

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